Site Crystal Awards Recognition Program

2014 SITE Crystal Award Recipient

Distinctive Destination: Best Destination-Based Experiential Incentive Travel Program


Dubai Business Events - the Official Convention Bureau

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“Nu Skin 2014 Success Trip”

Program Overview

Nu Skin Enterprises China, a firm that distributes more than 200 anti-aging products in 53 international markets across the world, recognized their top performDubai2.jpging sales people at the unprecedented Nu Skin 2014 Success Trip. With 14,500 Nu Skin employees participating, it was the single largest incentive group ever welcomed by Dubai in its history. The world-class destination was strategically chosen for its inspirational meteoric rise from a small trading post into a leading modern metropolis as it mirrors Nu Skin’s rapid growth and was the perfect setting to motivate employees to reach for new heights. The group arrived in Dubai from various cities in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan in seven overlapping waves averaging around 2,000 delegates per wave. Once in Dubai, each wave embarked on a four to five day tour of the UAE, where delegates enjoyed one of over 49 tailored itineraries which took them to experience the amazing local sites, gala dinners, team building activities and company training workshops. The visit made the city’s tourism stakeholders pull together like never before to deliver a seamless motivational experience for the massive group, where pre-planning and meticulous coordination were key for the resounding success of the trip.

Effectiveness and Results 

Overwhelmingly positive feedback about the program re-energized and motivated delegates to set even higher productivity goals and exceeded Nu Skin’s expectations of making this trip rewarding and helping raise its company profile. To make the experience even more motivational, unique leisure activities were topped off with educational seminars that brought the delegates together in an environment conducive to growth. The historic Nu Skin program not only made a big impression with the delegates but also in the destination with an estimated impact of $80 Million (AED 294 million) to Dubai’s economy. 

The Creative Approach

The Arabian culture and tradition of warmly welcoming and hosting guests created a memorable experience for the Nu Skin delegates. The visit received attention from the highest levels, with the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum personally visiting groups of delegates who were on tour on several occasions. Emirates airline, which flew a majority of the delegates from China directly to Dubai, ensured the group’s comfort from the start by tailoring meals to suit their tastes and placing Mandarin speakers on all flights to ensure a high level of service. Once in Dubai, many customized activities to make delegates feel at home were planned, starting with specially designed welcome packets that included a welcome letter in Mandarin from the director-general of the tourism board, as well as a welcome gift, a map and information guide in Mandarin, and a branded commemorative badge to mark the occasion. A welcome campaign was launched on leading Dubai3.jpgChinese social media site Weibo titled ‘#DubaiWelcomes#’ which encouraged delegates to upload photos from the city during the trip. A competition rewarded the delegate with the highest number of ‘shares’ of a single Dubai-inspired photo, with the prize being an all-expenses paid vacation to Dubai for the winning delegate and their family. The city branded major highways with banners welcoming the group, including the highway leading out of the airport and Arabian Adventures. The delegates learned a great deal about Arabian culture during their visit, and were shown how quickly the area has developed by enjoying visits to both traditional and modern attractions. The group visited the desert and the historical areas of Dubai, as well the world-famous headline attractions. The group also enjoyed a gala dinner at a desert arena and on a traditional scow while sailing on Dubai Creek before visiting the Palm Jumeirah Island. Nu Skin delegates were able to discover this unfamiliar yet remarkable destination and still feel “at home” with the personalized touches displayed throughout the trip from the moment they boarded the plane to Dubai until their departure.

Program Execution

Welcoming 14,500 delegates in seven waves was a major undertaking. A great deal of strategic logistics planning and implementation ensured the success of the historic program. In total, the group used over 70 flights operated mainly by Emirates airlines along with two chartered Emirates A380 aircraft. Once in Dubai, each wave embarked on a four to five day tour of the UAE, used over 40 hotels for accommodation and over 450 luxury Dubai4.jpgcoaches for transport, traveling a combined 400,000 kilometers across the country. The Dubai Immigration Department prepared for the quick processing of delegates by pre-approving 75% of the group’s visas six weeks in advance. As a result, each arriving wave of 2,000 delegates was taken from the plane to the coach buses within 20 minutes, a task which required remarkable coordination. The DMC, Arabian Adventures, arranged for all guests to be pre-checked in to their hotels, as a result room keys were delivered to guests on board the coaches before they disembarked allowing guests to reach their rooms within 15 minutes of arriving at the hotel. The delegates embarked on numerous adventures, including a visit to the top of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, a tour around the Dubai Mall - the world’s largest shopping mall, and a monorail trip across iconic palm-shaped Palm Jumeirah Island to the world renowned Atlantis hotel. Delegates also enjoyed spending time dune bashing in the desert, and took in sights of the iconic Burj Al Arab hotel. In all, delegates enjoyed one of over 49 tailored itineraries to various sites, attended two gala dinners and bonded with their colleagues during tours and company training workshops.

Environmental and Social Responsibility Practices 

Dubai takes issues of sustainability very seriously and has taken an innovative approach to overcoming challenges by adopting the latest technology in the design of its buildings and infrastructure to conserve resources, while also making a great effort to preserve its desert wildlife and vegetation for future generations. While in Dubai, delegates from Nu Skin learned about the problem of desertification, a significant global ecological problem where dry areas get increasingly less arid and lose their natural vegetation and wildlife. During their visits to desert to experience Arabian hospitality, delegates were taken to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, where DMC Arabian Adventures paid AED 12 (US$3.25) per person toward a fund to help protect wildlife and plants in the desert. Last year, fees raised by Arabian Adventures from desert tours helped raise over US$500,000 for the protection of indigenous species such as the Arabian Oryx, sand gazelle and hare in addition to plant species. This is done by digging boreholes to tap subterranean water and physically protecting species against dangers posed by people.

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