SITE week

Shape. Ideas. Together. Everywhere.

SITE is a truly global organisation with members in over 90 countries around the world. And we’re at our best when we reach out across the planet and collaborate.

We experienced this powerfully in Bangkok when we co-created The Bangkok Manifesto, a compelling series of statements about the nature, purpose and direction of incentive travel.

We experienced it again in Vancouver when we repeated the achievement and leveraged our global membership to build out The Vancouver Manifesto.

And we achieved it again during Covid-19 as we connected virtually, immersing ourselves in each other chapters, businesses, lives using the awesome power of technology.

During SITE Week in July 2020, we harnessed the full power of our global membership to build out the future for our businesses, our association and our industry. Throughout the week we interacted and engaged across the universe with town halls, business recovery sessions, hackathons, ideation sessions and the launch of The Vancouver Manifesto.

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Below you’ll find the programme for SITE WEEK along with details on all the Ideation Sessions that took place on Wednesday and Thursday, 22 and 23 July.

Over the next number of weeks and months we’ll be editing and uploading all the viable sessions from SITEWEEK – limited only to members of SITE, generally you’ll find then on the Education tab under Webinars.

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Ideation Sessions:

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