recognising & rewarding our colleagues, clients and supplier-partners

A key element of SITE’s purpose or raison d’etre is reward and recognition, telling the powerful story of how incentive programs, particularly those involving immersive travel experiences, can be transformative for individuals, companies and destination communities.

Now it’s time to walk the walk, practice what we preach and turn our attention to our SITE colleagues, clients, supplier-partners.

Each month we’ll be calling out members of SITE for the extraordinary things they’re doing in their personal or professional life. We’ll customise a reward especially for them and deliver it, to their unexpected surprise and delight.

A bit like those random acts of kindness that, in turn, always inspire other random acts of kindness.

In fact, that’s how we’re naming this initiative - #RandomActsofSITEness – because we want all of you to do likewise. We want our #RandomActsofSITEness to spread with the speed, efficiency and ease of a … yes, of a virus!

Once a #RandomActsofSITEness happens to you, you “pay it forward” by making it happen for another SITE member. We want to flood our community with positivity, hope, opportunity, and showcase the value of connections within our community!

#RandomActsofSITEness can be anything, for example:

  • The member’s favourite food delivered to their doorstep
  • A pass to a special local museum
  • Flowers to brighten their day
  • An ice-cream and beach walk with a member that we haven't connected with in some time
  • Something personal to that member to enhance their day, and to remind them of that value that we place on the members in our community.

We want this initiative to take over Social Media just like the Ice Bucket Challenge. We’ll feature these recipients in SITESource and push it out with the #RandomActsofSITEness hashtag.  

And the good news is that that you don’t have to wait until you receive a #RandomActsofSITEness- you take action, pick your member and start now!

All we ask is that you document the process of these #RandomActsofSITEness so that we can share with our wider SITE community. This can be through pictures and/or videos and a brief description of your act.  Share what you have done with info@siteglobal.com and we will showcase your #RandomActofSITEness

Examples of #RandomActsofSITEness multiplying across the social sphere