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Past Webinars

SITE and ECPAT Webinar: Human Trafficking – What We Can Do About It 

  • Annamaria Ruffini, Dr. CMP, President & CEO, Event In & Out S.R.L
  • Julie Johnson, Director of Media & Industry Relations, SITE

Description: Human trafficking is a modern day slavery. Oddly, as an industry, we contribute to it. During any large event, such as Super Bowl, a large convention or a carnival, human trafficking spikes.  Some of the most desirable incentive travel destinations attract human traffickers, because clients are there. However, the hospitality industry also has amazing power to help.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Hospitality industry is in a unique position to make a positive impact. SITE, as a leading industry organization, can blaze the trail.
  • Shedding the light on human trafficking problem. Bringing it home, personalizing it (sharing cases I ran into as a journalist). Revealing global statistics. Defining the main issues.
  • SITE’s goals regarding the human trafficking philanthropic effort.  SITE’s members can sign up for the ECPAT code.

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