With around 2,500 incentive travel professionals from
90 countries around the world holding SITE membership, SITE has more members now than at any time in its 47-year history.

Increasingly identified as the “I” in MICE, SITE is the natural home for anyone involved in incentive travel and its transformative power on individuals, corporations and destinations.

Available only during the week of IMEX America – Monday, September 9 – Friday, September 13 – we’re offering you a $100 incentive if you get a new member to join SITE. The new member gets a 16-month membership (September 2019 – December 2020) and $100 dollars off their own membership.


Register your interest in the program here and we’ll mail you some Red Hot Tickets for distribution to potential new SITE members.


Once you’re registered and a new member recruited by you applies for membership, we’ll credit your 2020 membership account with $100.

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