Growing Together

SITE Global Education Week

SITE Global Education Week is an industry advocacy initiative designed to create awareness and celebrate the impact that the global incentive travel industry has on business growth. Throughout this week, SITE broadcasted webinars on a variety of industry topics that offer our members and general audience continued education

Global Education Week 2016:

SITE chapters also join in on the excitement of Global Education Week. To find out what they planned in 2016, click below!

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Monday, 11 April

SITE President Rajeev Kholi, CIS, discusses how education has changed his incentive travel career and makes recommendations for his favorite industry-related books.




Tuesday, 12 April | 10:00 a.m. CDT

SITE & ECPAT: Turning Awareness Into Action

In 2015, SITE pledged its support of ECPAT’s efforts to end human trafficking.  We also signed the Code of Conduct for Protection of Children from sexual exploitation in Travel & Tourism. Our objectives were to inform and educate SITE members about this critical issue and encourage their support for ECPAT’s efforts around the globe.

This year our goal is to turn awareness into action. SITE has worked with ECPAT to prepare a CSR Activities & Resource Guide that chapters can utilize to create their own local or regional initiatives to support ECPAT and provide assistance to the victims of human trafficking.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Provide an update on the SITE /ECPAT partnership and what chapters are doing to support ECPAT’s efforts
  • Introduce chapters to the CSR Activities & Resource Guide and discuss how chapters can create their own local or regional initiatives to support ECPAT and the victims of human trafficking
  • Encourage companies to become members of the Code

Speakers: Rhonda Brewer, Vice President of Sales, Maritz Travel; Michelle Guelbart, Director of Private Sector Engagement, ECPAT USA; Daryl Keywood, Managing Director & CEO, Walthers DMC

Download the presentation handout!


Wednesday, 13 April

Incentive Travel Planning and Logistics

Ann Gravette, CMP, CSSBB, EECE
Director of Training & Development and Continuous Improvement, Maritz Travel Company

DescriptionIn this recorded webinar, participants discuss the planning phases crucial for incentive travel program management and review proven resolutions that mitigate common risks inherent in incentive travel. This course also provides project management strategies to help the Incentive Travel professional manage incentive travel programs more efficiently and effectively.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Plan an incentive travel program from definition through final evaluation
  • Identify the key logistical details involved in managing an incentive travel program



Thursday, 14 April | 11:00 a.m. CDT

New Rules for Selling Retirement Products and Services in the United States: What it Means for Meetings and Incentives

Join Kevin Hinton and Steve Bova as they discuss the potential impact of new United States Department of Labor rules that expand the type of activities subjected to fiduciary care under ERISA. Kevin and Steve will provide the perspective of impact to their respective memberships. Learn why this ruling should not be perceived as an attack on meetings and incentives, but rather an opportunity to unify our industry around the power and value of face-to-face events.

Topics Covered:

  • What are we (SITE and FICP) doing about this?
  • What have we heard from SITE and FICP members?
  • What other issues are we working on together?

Speakers: Steve Bova, CEO, Financial & Insurance Conference Planners (FICP); Kevin Hinton, CEO Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE)



Thursday, 14 April | All Day

Global Meetings Industry Day

On April 14, 2016, leaders from across the meetings and events industry will come together to support the first Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID). GMID will showcase the real impact that business meetings, conferences, conventions, incentive travel, trade shows and exhibitions have on people, business and communities. 

To listen to the Global Meetings Industry Day anthem, click here.

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Friday, 15 April | Pre-recorded Webinar

Talent + Incentive Travel = Employee Engagement

Speaker: Claudia St. John, President, Affinity HR Group, LLC

According to Gallup Inc., if you want to increase productivity, consider the following formula:    

Talent x (Relationship + Right Expectation + Recognition/Reward) = Per Person Productivity. 

Given its ability to strengthen relationships, and provide strong recognition & rewards, it's no wonder that incentive travel is a powerful tool for increasing productivity and employee engagement.  This webinar presents the Gallup organization's research on engagement and how incentive travel is a powerful tool for any talent management program. 

 Learning Outcomes:  Webinar participants will receive a(n)

  • Overview of employee engagement research
  • Understanding of the link between employee engagement and travel
  • Statistics on why other recognition and reward programs fail