Awards Recognition

SITE Honors Annamaria Ruffini as 2011 Master Motivator

The 2011 SITE Master Motivator Award was presented to Dr. Annamaria Ruffini, CMP, President and CEO of Events In & Out, as part of the IMEX Gala Dinner held in Frankfurt, Germany. The SITE Master Motivator award recognizes an individual in the motivational events and incentive travel industry who serves as an ambassador of progress and betterment for the community.

Here follows the jury declaration: "Dr. Ruffini has an unmatched commitment to the industry and recognizes the value of education and discussion in order to facilitate progress. As a leader with the Site Italy Chapter, Dr. Ruffini brought industry leaders together for an in-depth look at green meetings as a strategic tool as well as serves as a board member and change agent with the Federcongressi&eventi, the Italian organization of the meeting and incentive industry."

The SITE Master Motivator acknowledges the highest standard of excellence held by a motivational events professional and recognizes individuals serving as ambassadors of progress for the global community. This award is just one way to highlight the extraordinary work of our industry's professionals in advocating our community and creating opportunities. No Italian professional had never ever been on this podium before. The award has been presented by Ms. Allison Summers, managing director of SITE Global.

"I am really amazed with this prestigious award," declares Ms. Ruffini, "coming as an acknowledgement of everything I’ve done in my career – and I feel moreover honoured right because of this, because it is the prize for a lifetime essentially spent in loving my job. That’s the first source of my energy: passion. I am positive that everyone involved in this industry should act with passion, no matter what her/his specialty is. No motivation is conveyable into anyone without feeling it on our own.

I believe our job is much more than business: it is a mission which modern society needs for. That’s why I love it and that’s – I believe – why I found at any time so much support by Italian and international colleagues in the associative world, primarily in SITE. Both as an entrepreneur and as a proud Site member I’ve experienced that just working hardly – and passionately – altogether on a common aim we can reach important goals, keeping up the potential and the effectiveness of our works.

One of the all-time main American writers, Henry David Thoreau, in his eternal “Walden” essay declared he took strength out of the earth, like Antaeus. Well, in a similar way I take my energy out of my associative activity – and that’s my second source: this huge worldwide networking which brings all of us out of our localisms and lets ideas circulate and improve each other. My corporate activity has taken a big benefit from this, and yet I still live my professional life feeding the entrepreneurial duties with this community exchange, and vice versa.

I deeply thank the commission that awarded me, as well as all the colleagues around the world for their continuous support and friendship. I consider this prize as both the peak of my professional path to date and the milestone for a new beginning."