Keynote Address

Devdutt Pattanik photo.jpg"Business Sutra – Relating Mythology to Business between the East and the West"

Presented by Devdutt Pattanik, Author, Mythologist, Leadership Coach, Consultant on Culture and Belief

How does mythology relate to business? Never has this question been more relevant than today and no one better than Devdutt Pattanaik to talk about it. This former Chief Belief Officer of the Future Group has studied the mythologies of various cultures and combined it with his experience in the Indian corporate sector to distil a “very Indian approach to management.” His latest book,  "Business Sutra," captures this distillation and forms the basis of his talks across forums.

A medical doctor by training, Devdutt has spent over 15 years in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, managing various roles in Apollo Health Street and Sanofi Aventis. He then moved to Ernst & Young as Business Advisor before he was asked to bring his radical views on management to the retail industry when he joined the Future Group in 2008. In 2009 he became a TED speaker and has since been engaging with Indian and International audiences through his popular newspaper columns, TV shows, videos and lectures. Author of 25 books, he is also culture consultant with Reliance Industries.