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Meet Tes Proos, CIS, CITP

Tes has been involved in the incentive industry since 1985 and the DMC world for the past 20 years. She studied law after school and hated it! So, ended up in the hospitality industry by accident after taking a temporary job at a hotel and then overhauling their hotel management program.  The rest is history! She is the founder of Crystal Events Africa, a DMC based in Cape Town that operates in many African destinations. She is also President of SITE Africa.

Tes has been involved in many rewarding experiences but the one that jumps to mind is a small international group to Victoria Falls in 2014.  They were very focused on a natural experience, including a superb CSR project which helped Tes and team win the coveted SITE Crystal Award for Best Motivational Programme.

Tes joined SITE in 2002 and says that the relationships forged during her 18 years as a SITE member are there to stay! They may not be in touch on a regular basis, but when they run into one another at trade shows and other events, it is like they spoke yesterday.  She praises the way SITE leadership has pulled together during this COVID-19 period, highlighting how it has provided an even greater sense of community than ever before.  Mental health is one of the most fragile things during these times and Tes believes that SITE has made a very positive impact in helping members stay sane through the connecting and the sharing of experiences.

Ever an optimist, Tes recognizes that out of bad can come good. It was not a good year for the South African economy and she had to cut her team to the bone – which was horrible – giving up the office and moving everything back home to where she started 10 years before.  Nevertheless, she says positive experiences during COVID-19 have been plentiful.  In South Africa, they united 14 different event associations to form the SA Events Council, collectively created a very comprehensive events protocol document, and lobbied government to help restart the industry.  In addition, they had their first all Africa Summit on 11 June. This is still resonating, driving African industries and governments to collaborate and develop Intra Africa industries, of which business events will be pivotal.

Tes believes you will not find better international support than the SITE family.  There is strength in unity and a collaborative spirit helps overcome just about anything.  If you don’t have the answers, your SITE community will be there to provide options! For Tes, SITE membership is all about integrity and trust, so she feels confident whenever she has a SITE member as a partner. Above all she says, the camaraderie is one-of-a-kind!

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