Introducing the Moira Hearn Memorial Fund

Over the past weeks I’ve listened to your heart breaking stories of job losses, cancellations, dramatic drops in business revenues. You’re turning to SITE for ideas, insights, information and inspiration and some of you are struggling to renew your membership. At a time when all of us must exercise fiduciary financial responsibilities, I’m grateful to the IBOD for setting aside funds to invest in you, our members, and to keep our SITE community strong” said, Jenn Glynn, CIS, CITP, President of SITE.

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dhswprht.pngSITE President, Jenn Glynn, CIS CITP, and the International Board of Directors, are delighted to announce the launch of The Moira Hearn Memorial Fund. Providing financial assistance to SITE Members who have lost their jobs, or whose businesses are experiencing extreme financial difficulties, the fund aims to provide continuity of membership at a time when circumstances might preclude it. Originally intended to apply at year’s end in support of 2021 membership, the fund is now being activated immediately and applies to unrenewed 2020 membership. 

The application process is simple: individuals submit their details by close of business on Monday, 13 April on this form along with a maximum 200 word summary of their situation. Submissions are evaluated -without access to individual names - by a committee comprised of current and former SITE volunteer leaders.

Grants towards membership dues are then approved at up to 75% of the appropriate rate. In the event that the number of applications exceeds the available funds, grants will be awarded on the basis of number of years of SITE membership, chapter activity and contribution and attendance at SITE global events.

The Fund is offered in honour of Moira Hearn, deceased, whose membership of SITE was characterised by an uncommon altruism and concern for others.

About Moira Hearn 

Moira Hearn was – and still is – for many of us the moral touchstone of professionalism in the world of incentive travel. A deeply empathetic and compassionate person, Moira embodied everything that this fund stands for – warmth, understanding, a helping hand, sharing the burden.

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