What’s your big idea – Members of the SITE IBOD share

What’s your big idea – Members of the SITE IBOD share 

0-1.jpg“As with everyone in our industry, we are always busy - and often what is sacrificed during this time is our own personal connection to each other as we are always out with clients on a site inspection, on the road, on sales missions, or at industry events - our own colleagues are not the ones that we are prioritizing or interacting with. 

Right now, we have decided to really try and focus some of our time on building our internal connections with each other.  Once a week, our colleagues from Italy to Indianapolis, Spain to San Francisco, come together online and practice yoga together.  No business talk, no crisis management discussions -- this is our time to focus on each other, share our energy, calm our minds, and know that we are all in this together.  When we waver, a glance on the screen to see your partners moving with you reminds you that we are not alone, that we are all breathing and moving, and even apart, we can stand together. 

It's something that can be implemented in any company where your team is now working from home to remind your team that you are in this together and that their wellbeing during such an unprecedented crisis, is as important as the programs on your books.  You need a strong team in place to hit the ground ready and running when the business comes back.

Aoife Delaney, CIS, CITP, Director of Marketing and Sales, DMC Network, Ireland


Benoit.jpg“We, as a Team, are using our time to: 

Work closely with our clients to assist in re-scheduling their program and provide amazing education to our Sales & Operation task force thanks to all the helpful resources available online.

We’re working on reshaping our corporate identity, working on our website and updating our marketing collateral. We’re creating an all-new set of in-house experiences, both on tours and events exclusively available to Connect DMC clients.

We’re also preparing a set of useful webinars on destinations updates and education to be offered during the month of April. On a personal note I want to learn to play the guitar!

Benoit Sauvage, DMCP, CMP, CIS, CEO, Connect DMC, Dominican Republic


El Kwang - Untangled - S.jpg“I dedicate one “hour of power” per day where we isolate our minds from worries and use that time to explore and discover new possible ways of doing business. Here are some suggestions on how to start:

Speak to one person or a group of people you trust and ask them to tell you what you are good at. Assume no idea is too crazy and remain as open-minded as possible. Using the information from point a and list down your ideas and go back to the people in point and ask them to help you prioritize and pick three ideas you can start working on. Work on your ideas, increase the amount of time beyond the one hour per day if needed. If the “hour of power” inspires and works for you, pay it forward by offering to help others who may wish to do this.

Industry leaders could perhaps leverage platforms like SITE and LinkedIn to offer zoom/phone catch ups to those who may need a sounding board. Here are some suggestions on how to start:

Decide how much time you can allocate to doing this.  For example, three hours per week. Define what topics you could be useful to others. For example, health and wellness, forming new teams, managing anxiety etc.

Request for those who wish to connect to submit topics of discussions to you via LinkedIn (so you can review that person’s profile and experience if you don’t know them) or a SITE channel. Accept that request or if you are not confident with the topic, suggest any person(s) you could refer this person to.

El Kwang, CITP, Co-founder + CEO, U N T A N G L E D 


download.jpgThis is a time for me to self-reflect and focus on self-improvement. I’m keeping a regular schedule and log in and log off at consistent times. I take breaks at a consistent time vs. working through lunch and not eating and I keep my To-Do list going just like any other day.

I’m trying to get enough exercise daily at a consistent time and when I’m exercising, I ask myself if I am burning calories and clearing my mind. I also ask myself if I’m getting enough sleep and try to go to bed and get up at consistent times. I ask myself if I am focusing on my dietary needs or just grazing through the day.

I work to stay in touch with my co-workers and friends by using meetings via video for work and social stimulation. I Face Time or video call friends to check in to see how they are doing (this will make you and your friends feel better)!

And finally, I ask myself, “Am I doing my part to help our country and the world beat this terrible virus?”

Brad Hecht, CITP, Vice President, Travel, Motivation Excellence

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