Insights to contracts and cancellations, and virtual meetings

Logo_ME_Social.pngGrant Snider might reasonably be described as a veteran of the Business Events industry having served for many years as a KOL (that’s key opinion leader for the uninitiated!) of the DMC sector.

A lifelong member of SITE, Grant pivoted a number of years ago into the Finance world, creating an innovative business called Meeting Escrow that tailor makes financial services specifically for the Business Events industry at large.

Here’s how Meeting Escrow can add particular value for incentive travel professionals during the times of Covid-19. 

Our second insight for you relates to virtual meetings, something with which we are all growing very familiar in these strange times. We found this great piece of content from ImageThink, a company that many of us know from the wonderful graphic recordings they do at conferences.

Screenshot 2020-03-26 at 12.19.30.jpg

In the article, they highlight 7 steps towards a more creative, engaged and productive virtual meeting. Even if you follow 3 of the tips here you’re guaranteed a massively more satisfying virtual meeting.

There’s lots of great material on the ImageThink website and you can read the article on virtual meetings here.

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