SITE / MPI Global Forum Receives Award for Sustainability Initiative.


Annamaria Ruffini, President of SITE 2018, was recognized last week at a pan-industry event in Northern Italy for SITE’s contribution to the Food for Good initiative.

Working closely with Food for Good, 390 food portions were recovered and distributed to the needy during SITE / MPI Global Forum held in Rome in January 2018.

“I am a life long practitioner of sustainability in the business events arena and was delighted at the beginning of my year as SITE President to spearhead an important CSR initiative whereby surplus food from our annual conference in Rome (held in collaboration with MPI) was distributed to a local charity. I receive this award on behalf of the entire SITE community for whom sustainability is becoming a way of life, not a mere token gestures,”said Annamaria Ruffini, SITE Past President 2018 and President & C.E.O Events In & Out.

Food for Good is the project to combat food waste created four years ago by the partnership between Federcongressi&eventi, the association of companies operating in the Italian meetings industry and non-profit organizations Banco Alimentare and Equoevento.

The Food for Good initiative enables food that is not consumed during conferences, conventions, meetings and events to be recovered and donated to charities such as foster homes, soup kitchens for the poor and refugee centers. Federcongressi&eventi connects the catering companies with the nearest non-profit organization to the event venue and arranges for the recovery of the surplus food quickly and safely, in line with best-in-class regulations.

Food for Good has been included among the best practices of the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste established two years ago by the European Commission as part of the EU action plan for the Circular Economy of 2015, in order to identify, share and develop solutions to reduce waste in the food chain and thereby help meet the Sustainable Development Goal to halve food waste by 2030 and reduce food losses along the food production and supply chains.

The Platform brings together 70 member organizations (33 representatives of EU countries and international organisations, and 37 representatives from industry, academia and non-profit organizations) committed to establishing a common methodology to measure food waste. One of the first results of the Platform was the publication of EU guidelines on food donations, which are intended to facilitate the donation of unsold/uneaten food to people in need.

According to the European Commission, every year, approximately 88 million tons of food are wasted every year in the EU, i.e. around 173 kilograms per capita, with a total value of approximately EUR 143 billion. With total food production in Europe estimated at 865 kg/per person, this means that 20% of the food produced is wasted.

Procedures for signing up to Food for Good, the guidelines for the recovery of food from catering companies and the operational procedures for event organisers are available on the Federcongressi&eventi website

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