Meet SITE Board Member Aoife Delaney of DMC Network

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If you haven't met Aoife Delaney, Director of Marketing and Sales for the DMC Network, at one of the many MICE events in the past few years, it would be a surprise. She’s been in the industry since she graduated from college and credits her father, industry stalwart Patrick Delaney, for her early interest in the industry. 

“I grew up watching him love what he did for a living. It was—and still is--more than just a job to him. He is truly passionate about what he does and that’s infectious,” she said.

Aoife started working in the incentive industry right out of American College Dublin with degrees in International Business and French.

The university I attended is really international so even though I was studying in Dublin I was in the minority in terms of nationality in most of my classes, so it gave me a great background on working with other cultures. I worked ad hoc on events throughout college so it was a natural transition into a full-time role at a DMC.”

Today Aoife is a passionate member of SITE and serves on the international board of directors. She was previously president-elect but then stepped off when her daughter was born before being re-elected for another term commencing in 2017.

“SITE has connected me to the right people, the right places and the right opportunities. SITE is how I network effectively, it’s how I gain my industry education, and it’s how I develop my knowledge of key incentive meetings and destinations. Being an active member of SITE has been the single most beneficial decision I’ve made in my career. I would encourage anyone who is considering membership to talk to an active member on the benefits of this association; there’s no question you will be making the right decision for your career.”

For all her efforts, Aoife is also the recipient of a number of prestigious industry awards and accolades including:

  • One of the 2016 Smart Women in Meetings Award from Smart Meetings magazine
  • 2016 CIC Pacesetter Awards for outstanding achievement and leadership in the meetings and events industry 
  • Meetings and Conventions 22 Millennial’s to Watch
  • Named a Meeting Trendsetter by Meetings Focus magazine
  • Named a Rising Star with C&IT magazine

Recalling one of the most memorable moments on an incentive trip, Aoife said, “We were marching in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in the south west of Ireland with a group of clients from Canada. It was one of the final days the program and we had truly become friends at this point. The locals had created the most wonderful atmosphere and our group fit in beautifully. We laughed, danced and waved our way around the town—it was one of the most natural, relaxed days; I will never forget it.

4fcf228d-4f13-4a0b-a053-746f1655aed8.JPGPassionate about health and wellness, Aoife loves being outdoors. Yoga, running and taking her two kids -- daughter Addison and son Max—on outdoor adventures.

“I love the outdoors so much I get teased for how much I like fresh air. I’m also a qualified yoga teacher so whenever I get the opportunity to teach or attend a class I’m very happy.”

When asked who she’d most like to invite to a dinner party she names several with good reason: “Chef Nigella Lawson because I make her Christmas cookies every year; Kate Middleton because I’m fascinated by the royal family; Garrison Keillor, the American author I grew up listening to on the radio; Tara Stiles, a New York-based yoga teacher and Ellen DeGeneres, because I find her one of the most quick-witted and entertaining people on TV.”

Throughout her career the best advice she was ever given, she said, was to treat others how you would like to be treated. “It's so easy to get caught up in ‘the busy’ of our lives, so I try to remind myself even at the busiest of times to make it my mantra to react to situations in a way that I would like to be reacted to.”

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