What does it take to achieve professional sucess in the motivational events industry?


Certification and training can be important to achieving professional success in the motivational events industry. In my personal/professional history, I had university training in advertising and marketing and taught for ten years in universities.  However, I mainly learned about motivational events and incentives by becoming a member of Site and actively participating with the association over the past ten years. I believe that nothing can replace learning from real world experiences.  Here are some thoughts on how you, too, may attain success in the industry.

What really matters is attitude. We constantly see young professionals trying to gather more formal studies, postgraduate degrees, and different titles believing that they will progress on the corporate level with all that theoretical background.  The basic key to professional success lies in the attitude that people have in their work.  Flexibility and a positive disposition can balance any lack of theoretical knowledge. In my professional career, I have known many professionals, with an education background that lack a commitment to service, self- effacement and constancy that is needed to succeed in our industry.

Learn everything you can about your industry, your customers and the products and services offered by your organization. It is important to know how to manage the technical aspects of your work, but people skills are also very important. Participate in education and training offered by Site and other industry organizations.  When you are a knowledgeable professional you will be recognized.

Be positive. No one likes to be around a negative person who always complains. A positive attitude and a smile will help you build solid relationships and be respected by everyone. Do not relate with negative people, during work or outside your office, as their attitudes can impact you and drag you down.

Identify problems and search for solutions. Make small decisions quickly. Get organized and work according to priorities. Don’t postpone tackling the most important or difficult work.  Take the right path, not always the easiest, to provide exceptional service to your clients. The customer will be grateful and your superior will recognize this.

Today's mistakes are the future guarantee for tomorrow’s success. Professionals who don't recognize their mistakes are not credible and cannot make progress in their careers. When a mistake is made and recognized, you will probably not fail on that same issue again. In the world of corporate events every project is different from the other and nothing is repeated exactly. This is not taught in the university books. Mistakes do not have a curriculum.  When we point out a mistake to a colleague it is important to depersonalize the situation and understand that mistakes occur as part of the job. Leaders have the responsibility to identify mistakes in a positive manner and encourage colleagues to learn from their mistakes.

See yourself as you want to be in the future not as you are now. Develop a written game plan for your future. Believe in yourself and trust in your skills. Develop a healthy self-image. Spend time at international exhibitions and attend educational events in your country and abroad. Be part of discussion groups in LinkedIn, or in other social networks. Participate in the local chapters of international associations such as Site and learn from industry colleagues and competitors. If you share information, you will be richer in a professional level. Learn how to be better at customer service, better at sales, better at any part of your profession. Transform yourself into a valuable asset for your company and for your clients and impress everyone with your knowledge, dedication, enthusiasm and commitment.


I encourage you to advance your career in the motivational events and incentive travel industry by participating in the Site Global Education Week, 15-21 April, 2012. Held in partnership with Site chapters around the world, the week will be focused on delivering information, education and real-world experience that is meaningful and relevant to the industry. You can learn about the activities taking place in your region at  Site Global Education Week.

What do you think it takes to have a successful career in the motivational events and incentive travel industry?  We invite you to share your career tips with Site Members.

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