Meet Sean Hoff of Moniker Parthers, Toronto, Canada



Sean Hoff, is a Founder and Managing Partner for Moniker Partners, Toronto, Canada. The company was established in 2013 with the idea of taking a different approach to the world of Incentive Travel, Corporate Trip Planning, and creating unique and inspirational off-sites for companies across Canada. Sean is a member of the Education and Events team for the SITE Young Leaders program.



SITE: What is your current role and responsibilities at Moniker Partners?

Sean: In my role as Managing Partner I am responsible for running the day-to-day operations. I tend to get involved with every aspect of the business including sales and business development, operations, trip planning, and growth strategies. I have been fortunate to hire some great people in the past few months to take on some of the more specialized tasks but as a small start-up, I still find myself with fingers in every pie.

SITE: What is your educational and professional background and why did you choose to pursue a career in travel and hospitality?

Sean: I have two Masters degrees - one in International Management from HEC School of Management in Paris, the other in Marketing Management from ESADE Business School in Barcelona. I always thought I would have a career in banking or management consulting, so that was where I steered my education. In reality, I have found myself in a variety of professional roles - from Investment Banking in Latin America, to consulting in Dubai and the Middle East and even as a hotel bartender in Galway, Ireland! It was during my time in banking where I had my "aha!" moment. After going on a few incentive trips as the attendee I realized my passion lay more in being the planner/organizer than the participant, so I quit my banking job and started Moniker.

SITE: What are your career aspirations?

Sean: My aspirations are to grow Moniker into a brand name among the bigger, blue chip clients in the Canadian MICE space. We will achieve this by building the team, potentially opening another office, and changing the way that clients approach their incentives by offering a different perspective and process, compared to some of our competitors in the industry.

SITE: What do you feel are the most valuable benefits of being a member of SITE, specifically SITE Young Leaders? 

Being a member of SITE Young Leaders provides the opportunity to meet with other 'millennials' and fresh faces to talk about our experiences and perceptions of how the industry operates and learn how all facets work (hotels, tourism boards, in-house planners, etc.) Within the SITE community there is a great group of more experienced professionals that have 20+ years and are ingrained in the industry. They have developed legendary reputations through their work with clients and have set the “gold standard." However, the younger generation has a lot of interesting perspectives and ideas that may be changing the status quo of "how it's always been done.” There is a lot of room for new approaches and ideas (particularly leveraging technology), and sharing ideas with other Young Leaders inspires me to be bold in trying new things.

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