Meet new SITE member, Pablo Rabelo, Bogota, Colombia

137f0cf.jpgNew SITE South America member, Pablo Rabelo, is Executive Producer at Experiance, an agency specializing in the design and production of incentive travel and motivational events in Colombia. Experiance worked with AV Business and Communication on the Pasaporte Bic program which received a 2014 Crystal Award for Exceptional Motivational Travel Program - South America. Pablo experienced the power of the SITE community during his first Global Conference in Rotterdam.


SITE: What/who motivated you to become a member of SITE?

Pablo: Since we opened the company Incentive travel has been our core business. We heard about SITE when past- president, Alejandro Verzoub came to Colombia and gave a conference about motivational experiences. He explained all of the benefits and opportunities that SITE offers its members.

SITE: What do you hope will be the greatest personal and professional benefits of being a SITE member?

Pablo: Being part of SITE offers the opportunity to participate in the Global Conference and nominate our incentive travel programs for a Crystal Award. The company can be recognized as an important DMC in South America. I think the most important benefit of being a SITE member is the networking that this society offers at each of its events around the world.

SITE: What are your role and responsibilities at Experiance?

Pablo: As an Executive Producer my primary responsibility is to assure that the clients obtain the best possible experience within their available budgets. I have to make our clients stand out. At Experiance, creativity is part of our essence; we design and develop new ideas every day to deliver a unique and magical experience for each of our groups.

SITE: Why is Colombia an ideal destination for incentive travel?

Pablo: Colombia offers a wide range of destinations with unique experiences for incentive travel. Amazing people, incredible unknown historical sites, beautiful natural landscapes, and blue waters of the Caribbean Sea can be part of a magical experience. The country has a privileged climate with 365 days of sunshine.By the way, security is not an issue.  Things have changed dramatically in the last 20 years and economic and social development in Colombia are high.

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