SITE Netherlands meeting and Giro d’Italia in Amsterdam

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On 24 June 2014 the SITE Netherlands event took place in Amsterdam! Roger Schreurs, chairman of the SITE Chapter in the Netherlands, opened the meeting at Gassan Diamonds Company, while the guests were enjoying Dutch coffee and sweets. During the meeting, the SITE Global Conference was discussed, which will take place in Rotterdam from 14 – 17 November 2014.10172871_708403075889638_3073711474492860997_n.jpg

Following, trainer and mental coach Huub van Mackelenberg, presented the case where he in collaboration with top-coach Marc Lammers, assisted a hockey team that didn’t perform well with increasing their performance. Their strategy consisted of teambuilding, focus, proportion, discipline, but also humor and honesty. It worked out well, the hockey team increased their performance with 14 points in only 3 months! During the presentation, Mackelenberg showed the SITE members, in a humorous and inspiring way, how to make something, that seems impossible, possible.

After the inspiring speech from Huub van Mackelenberg it was time for Filomena Uffing director of ANDIAMO! Services, to present the 100% Italian events they organise as DMC Italy, recently also as DMC Netherlands and as Global Incentive House in the rest of the world. This was followed by champagne with a diamond in each glass, but only one of them was real!

10313742_708543262542286_421289725780986974_n.jpgIn the afternoon the Giro d’Italia in Amsterdam started, organised by Wave Citygames and ANDIAMO! Services! After the briefing about the Roadbook with questions and assignments of Toon Verbraak, director of Wave Citygames, it was time for the SITE members to get on the bike and go to the first stop at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura on the Keizergracht.

At the Istituto Italiano di Cultura, the group was welcomed by the director Rita Venturelli. They enjoyed different Italian antipasti and drank some special Italian wine. Hereafter the teams biked to the next stop, the Italian concept store: Il Sogno in the centre of Amsterdam. There they enjoyed delicious pizza, baked in a real Italian wood-fired oven.

The last stop was at ‘De Hallen’, which is the place to be for art galleries in Amsterdam. Here a short presentation was held about the K.E.K. (Ceramic, Art and Food) workshop. In the workshop you can paint your own pasta plates or espresso cups and enjoy a delightful Tuscan lunch or appetizer served on special La Luce Verde plates. This workshop is offered by artists Baukje Spaltro and Peter van den Akker in collaboration with AN10351663_708298302566782_8787742495179948259_n.jpgDIAMO! Services.

The Giro d’Italia in Amsterdam was closed by Filomena Uffing by thanking the participants, Wave Citygames for their good collaboration and of course SITE Netherlands for the invitation to ANDIAMO! Services to organise this event. ANDIAMO! Thanks again to all for a great day!

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