Site President Paul Miller shares insights with Site Young Leaders in Facebook Interview

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Site President Paul Miller recently participated in a live, Facebook interview with the Site Young Leaders.  For those of you that missed it, we have posted the interview transcript and encourage you to read the candid information and insights Paul shared with the Young Leaders.



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A big welcome to Paul Miller, Site President 2014 and Managing Director of SPECTRA DMC based in the UK and a passionate advocate for Site! To all our Young Leaders, thanks for joining us.

Site Young Leader: Your CV is pretty impressive Paul, and I hear that you have worked for the Royal Family, one of the most famous families in the world! Can you share with us any life lessons that you learned from this experience that have helped you in your career as a DMC today?

Miller: Working for the Royal Household was a life changing experience for me and I learned a great deal. What seemed to jump out (and came to me much later as I furthered my career) was not being intimidated by the status and power of other people. Being surrounded by the Royals, dignitaries and world leaders over a 4 year period became normal.

Site Young Leader: How did you get your start in the incentive travel industry?

Miller: I worked abroad for a Swiss Bank Owner and ran his household as Butler. As a qualified chef, I found myself organizing client dinner parties, preparing menus, buying ingredients and creating dishes in his chateaux on Lake Geneva. It was my girlfriend (now wife) at the time that was working in hotels back in London who told me about the DMC world and hat it would be good fit for me.

Site Young Leader: What is it that first drew you to Site? How has your perception of the association evolved over your many years of service with the organization?

Miller: I was drawn into the world of Site because my employer sent me to a Site University in Orlando. It was amazing and also full of amazing people. It was somewhat different then when young people arrived into the organisation. There was no Young Leader Programme so it was a case of speaking to as many people as I possibly could whatever their age or discipline. I still do this now as I believe it’s the people you meet not their title or whether they can bring you business. This is what makes the Site network so unique and the business opportunities come later.

Site Young Leader: Having a passion outside of work, especially in this busy industry, is so important, and we know that for you it’s all about the music! Can you tell us who your favourite artist is at the moment, anyone that us YL’s should be downloading on iTunes as soon as this interview is over?

Miller: It is important to have interests and passion outside of work whether that’s just as simple as spending quality time with family or friends or indeed a hobby like music, sports etc. With regard to what YL’s should be downloading on iTunes of course I am going to say my own album “Meeting of Minds” ☺. I do not have a favourite artist and have a very varied taste in music. As a singer songwriter, we just don’t hear the songs, we like to feel them, dissect them and admire the structure of the songs as well as the artist who sing them. My latest project can be found on iTunes and you can find it by searching “Abbey Road Paul Miller”. This track was recorded at Abbey Road and is named “Walking in Circles” when we all from time to time keep coming back to the same spot and want to break out from the routine.

Site Young Leader: Being the Managing Director of a successful DMC such as Spectra must mean that you have interviewed a lot of candidates over the years. Can you give us some tips on the candidates that stood out for you in the interview process, what made them special?

Miller: The number one rule for me is that we are all special. It sounds cliché but I believe it. The secret is finding the special talent needed for the DMC business. Some of what we do cannot be taught and is instinct. What is important to me from a candidate is they allow their personality to come across. The skills are on the paper and they would not be in front of me if they did not have the necessary academic qualities so hearing about their views of the world and show they have an open mind is important to me. An inquisitive mind is also a good indication of a DMC quality never to stop asking questions as long as you are prepared to listen to the answers. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. I have been telling my sons from the day they started school “who wants to be like everyone else?” Site allows individuality to shine and is encouraged especially with the Site YL Programme. Great minds, positive thinking, drivers of innovation are just some of the qualities in our YL community.

Site Young Leader: We are all very eager to know what your best kept secret is in London to do?

Miller: Now that would be telling and it wouldn’t be a secret anymore!

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