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Site Greece Chapter president, Vicky Evangeliou is a communication & marketing expert with 22 years of business experience. She is the Founder of Marketing Lead providing services in corporate, B2B and B2C environments, designing creative concepts for developing product launches, incentive programs, tourism destination marketing and management projects as well as project management for the implementation of live communication campaigns



Site: Site appreciates that being a Chapter Leader is a volunteer position and requires a significant time commitment. What/who motivated you to assume a Site Chapter Leader position?

Vicky: My decision to get involved in the Site Greece Chapter came after an invitation from a good friend and professional Lisa Liehman, owner of Festivities DMC. I then met other Greek professionals and I decided that my involvement in Site could give me the chance to express my passion for Greece and to promote the country internationally with a team of great Greek professionals in the Incentive and Events industry.

The second reason is that I strongly believe in the value of teamwork at the local and international levels and Site gives me the opportunity to work closely with travel experts that are willing to share information, knowledge, experience and materialize great ideas and concepts in order to make successful business alliances.

I feel honored to be the President of the Site Greece Chapter. We have a great Board of Directors with trusted professionals and entrepreneurs, innovative DMCs, hotel directors, venue owners and recognized academia, blending imagination with attention to detail and inspiration through the country’s rich heritage. Our vision is to revamp Greece and make it a top of mind incentive travel and events destination.

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I proudly present the Site Greece Chapter Board of Directors:

President- Vicky Evangeliou, Founder Marketing Lead-EU Business Mentor

Vice President - Photis Photopoulos, Owner METROPOLITAN DMC

Treasurer - George Barboutis, Director of Marketing & Public Relations, RODOS Palace Resort Hotel & Convention Cener

General Secretary- Daniella Bikoulis, Owner DB Meetings & Event Management

Director of Communication & Marketing – Vasilis Charalambidis, Founder BIOS cultural center Romantso Incubator

Director of Education - Dr.Christos Antoniou, Professor International Business,                   University of Leeds, – Managing Partner Symposium Host Services

Ex officio President - Michael Argiri, Managing Director CONCEPTOURS Greece

Site: When recruiting new members, what do you tell them are the greatest personal and professional benefits of being a member of Site?

Vicky: The sense of belonging to a global community of travel and event professionals is of vital importance. The networking opportunities and education that a manager or an entrepreneur can gain as a member of Site is invaluable. Due to the economic crisis in Greece it is more important than ever to belong to a global society like Site that can support you with all the above.

Site: What are some of the activities and events the Site Greece Chapter has planned in 2014 to engage current and prospective members?

Vicky: The reactivation of the Greek Chapter comes at a time when Greece reinvents itself and again ranks high among the most attractive travel destinations worldwide. The new Site Greece Board envisions combining the unrivalled natural beauty and century-old Hellenic civilization along with innovative travel-related products and high-quality services to offer visitors a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The chapter will promote both the easy-going, island world with its world famous Greek resorts, as well as the buzzing metropolis of Athens with its state-of-the-art infrastructure. An ambitious action plan has been agreed upon to increase the visibility of the Greece Chapter and to re-connect it to the parent organisation, enriching Site with a presence in the key Greek market, but also allowing the domestic industry to benefit from the global connections established with the main source markets’ representatives.

Site: What are some of the key opportunities/issues/challenges that are positively or negatively impacting the incentive travel and motivational events industry in your region?

Vicky: Business tourism represents one of the strongest market segments in global travel today and Greece is the ideal location for conventions, business conferences and meetings. The major increase in conference tourism provides significant opportunities for large-scale as well as niche and boutique market venues.

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The country offers excellent conference facilities with Greece providing more than 50 independent conference centers and roughly 300 hotels offering a full range of conference facilities along with unique museums, archaeological sites, shopping and nightlife.

Greece’s spectacular locations, seaside settings, mountain getaways and urban venues provide countless cultural, recreational, or leisure attractions for delegates as well as their spouses and families. Greece’s Mediterranean climate is suitable for events year-round and provides breathtaking contrasts and physical environments. The Site Greece Chapter will embrace the opportunity to promote all of the above.

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