Meet Site Young Leader Patrick Corley

Site YL Patrick Corley.jpgPatrick Corley is the Vice President of Business Development and Event Solutions for Incentive Concepts helping to pioneer the Bose Event Experience for the Meetings, Events and Incentives Industry. Currently, he is working on strategic partnerships as well as new and exciting event solutions. Patrick is a decade long member of the industry and has been actively involved in Site and Site Young Leaders since 2011. In his free time, he enjoys fly-fishing, camping and backpacking.

Site: What is your current role and responsibilities?

Corley: In my current role is as the Vice President of Business Development and Event Solutions for Incentive Concepts it is my responsibility to create and market onsite experiences that enhance the company’s brands, including Bose and the Bose Event Experience in the meetings and incentives industry. For example, Bose was one of the sponsors of the Chill & Charge mixer during the Site Global Conference in December in Orlando.

Site: What is your educational and professional background and why did you choose the Travel & Hospitality industry as a profession?

Corley: My educational background isn’t necessarily one that leads to Travel and Hospitality. That said, when I think about it, it makes sense. I did my undergraduate work at Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. and received a BA of Political Science, with a focus on International Politics. This led me to travel extensively and eventually to live and work in Spain for 3 years. While in Spain, I worked in International Relations and pursued a Master’s Degree in Business from the Universidad de Navarra in Pamplona, Spain.

I officially entered the Travel and Hospitality Industry when I met an executive from Maritz Travel. We started talking about fly-fishing and ended with how I should work for Maritz…the rest is history.

Site: What are your career aspirations?

Corley: My career aspirations have more to do with my personal aspirations than job titles or money. I want to find myself in a position where I can live comfortably with my family, have time to travel (for example, fish around the world) and can help young professionals learn and grow in the travel and hospitality industry.

Site: What or who motivated you to join Site?

Corley: Steve O’Malley, former President of the Site Foundation, encouraged me to participate in Site. Steve is a great guy - thoughtful, well spoken, successful and understands our business. I thought if Steve encouraged it, getting involved with Site was well worth my time.

Site: What do you feel are the most valuable benefits of being a member of Site, specifically Site Young Leaders?

In retail they say “Location, Location, Location.” In the travel and hospitality industry I’d say it’s about “having a guy.” In this business you need to have a strong network of trusted professionals that can help you anywhere on the planet. Site and specifically Site Young Leaders has helped me make valuable contacts throughout the globe.

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