Meet Site SoCal Young Leaders Bobbi Hall and Danny Fisk

Bobbi Hall and Danny Fisk are active members of the Site Southern California Chapter and praise the educational and networking opportunities Site provides to young professionals in the industry. They are strong advocates for Site SoCal Young Leaders and are working with the Site SoCal Board of Directors to revitalize the program, designed to build the next generation of motivational experiences leaders. Learn more about Bobbi and Danny and how their participation in Site SoCal Young Leaders is contributing to their professional growth.

Site Source: What are your current roles and responsibilities?

Bobbi Hall: I am the Business Development Manager for Brewster Vacations Canada handling the retail and leisure division for the California market. A small but growing part of my responsibility is to help promote our Corporate Event Management division. 

Danny Fisk: I am the General Manager at The Event Team managing both the sales and operations department of our Los Angeles office. As a DMC we provide our clients with the local expertise that help make their time in Southern California memorable. I was born and raised in L.A. and love selling the city and helping others fall in love with my home

Site Source: What is your educational and professional background and why did you choose the Travel & Hospitality industry as a profession?

Bobbi: I graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts and Science with a focus on Social Justice and Criminal Theory and Political Science. Although I was more politically charged while attending university, after graduation I shifted gears to pursue a career in sales. If I knew then, what I know now, I would have majored in Travel and Tourism and began this journey a long time ago. Creating memorable travel experiences is the best part of my job. I will continue to soak up as much knowledge in this industry as I can and hopefully climb the corporate ladder. I’m excited to create more relationships, make more memories and of course get more travelers to the beautiful country of Canada.

Danny: My Bachelor’s Degree is in Urban Studies and my Master’s Degree is in Cultural & Social Anthropology. While my education path was planned to lead me in the direction of academics and activism – I discovered the event world and was hooked. I worked for an event production company while in graduate school and found that I was really good at the profession. It has been a long and curvy road to my current position in Travel & Hospitality but each step has helped build upon the next making me a stronger and better resource for my team and clients. I am excited to continue to grow our L.A. office and get more people to see how amazing Southern California is for their next adventure. Over the last eight years my journey has taken many curves and I am not sure where the next will take me. All I know is that I am only as strong as the people and team I have around me – one of the primary reasons I love being a part of the Site community.

Site Source: What or who motivated you to join Site?

Bobbi: I was encouraged to join Site by my colleagues, specifically in our Corporate Event Management division. At first it started as a way to network with like-minded individuals, but I quickly decided to explore the many opportunities of Site membership and really get involved. I am meeting so many amazing people and making new friends. It’s really been a fantastic experience. 

Danny: After attending the Site Southern California Chapter Spring Young Leaders event I realized what an amazing community Site was and had to be involved.

Site Source: What are the most valuable benefits of being a member of Site, specifically Site Young Leaders?

Bobbi: Being a member of Site has provided me and Brewster Vacations with a certain amount of exposure that I believe is imperative for professional success. My experiences thus far have been priceless. The education Site provides cannot be measured. 

Danny: The Site Young Leader program is an excellent way to connect with peers who are growing within the industry. It is nice to meet and grow friendships with people that are traveling similar career paths. I have built a nice group of friends and professional contacts from my involvement in Site.

Site Source: What is the Site SoCal Chapter doing to attract more Young Leaders?

Bobbi: Education! It important to continue our education and knowledge in this field, explore ideas and provide access to anyone looking to grow professionally. This is increasingly important for young travel professionals or individuals who are new to the industry. Mentoring and any additional educational experiences are incredibly important to ensure career success at any age. One of the many goals of Site SoCal Young Leaders is to provide a platform for young professionals to share, learn and inspire.

Danny: With the re-launch of the Site SoCal Young Leaders program we are exploring ways to provide young professionals the opportunity to be engaged on many levels.

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