Meet Site Young Leader Luis Villaseñor Nolasco

Site Young Leader Luis Villaseñor Nolasco, CIS, holds an important position as Promotion Manager of the Puerto Vallarta Conventions and Visitors Bureau. Puerto Vallarta is one of the most popular beach destinations in Mexico for both the Leisure Travel and Meetings & Events industries, and one of Luis’ primary responsibilities is to develop strategies to promote the destination to both markets. His annual calendar includes nearly 120 promotional activities, including sales calls and seminars, public events and participating in exhibitions dedicated to the MICE industry. Luis manages a three-person team and continuously encourages them to position Puerto Vallarta as one of the most preferred beach destinations worldwide. Recently, Site Source had a chance to chat with Luis about his choice of the travel and hospitality industry, and his decision to get involved in Site.

Site Source: How did you come to choose the Travel & Hospitality industry as a profession?

Luis Villaseñor Nolasco: My passion for the Travel & Hospitality industry started in high school when I studied Tourism in a program sponsored by American Express and Associates: Global Travel & Tourism Partnership. I represented Mexico in the School Annual Meeting in Budapest, Hungary in 2000. I studied at ITESO, a Jesuit University in Guadalajara, Mexico, and earned a degree in International Relations. I also graduated from Hospitality, Gastronomy and Marketing at Lycée Technique Hôtelière, Monte Carlo, Monaco with Foundation Turquois and ran a group project named “Comment la crème est arrive aux tacos: l´influence francaise au Mexique pendant le Porfiriato” (How the cream arrived to the tacos: the French influence in Mexico during the Porfiriato.)

The major reason I chose Tourism for my career was that I was born and live in a city where, directly or indirectly, we all depend on Tourism as a way of living. We understand the value of making tourists feel like they are in their own homes and that they have memorable experiences to take back with them.

While in college I worked during my vacations managing the Camino Real Hotel Puerto Vallarta kids club activities. When I graduated from college I worked as a Concierge at the Quinta Real Hotel Puerto Vallarta and The Hermitage in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Subsequently, I held the position of a quality inspector at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit Hotel and, since 2007, I have been employed by the Puerto Vallarta Conventions and Visitors Bureau.

Site Source: What or who motivated you to join Site?

Luis: During a Site retreat in 2011, hosted by the Mexico and Texas Chapters, I met Mary MacGregor, Past President of Site Global, who shared the importance of motivational experiences and the role of Site as well as her own professional experiences. I identified with what she shared and she invited me to participate in the 2011 Young Leader Academy in Mexico. Since then, I have attended two more Young Leader events and was excited to participate in the 2013 event that was organized by two amazing professionals, Eda Ozden and Jake Megkrikian, whom I respect very much. Since becoming a Site member, I have met many wonderful people that are willing to share their knowledge in the most sincere way. Site membership provides me many benefits for professional growth.

Site Source: What do you feel are the most valuable benefits of being a member of Site, specifically Site Young Leaders?

Luis: To me Site stands for Synergy, Interaction, Team Work and Enthusiasm. As a Site member you receive many benefits such as training, networking and making contacts with industry professionals with many years of experience working in the MICE industry. My most memorable experience has been the chance to meet so many valuable future Young Leaders from all over the world that work so hard to learn, share and make a difference. I truly encourage young professionals to experience the benefits of being a Site member by attending one of the Site Young Leader academies.

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Young professionals with great responsibilities

July 11, 2013 09:09 PM by Fernando J. Compean, CIS, CITP, CITE, CMM, CMP, CMS, CCM
I read with interest this profile on Luis who I know very well and I am sure he will turn out to be one of Site's great leaders, he already is a very respected professional.
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