Site Reveals Three-Year Plan: Video Interview with Site President David Sand

As AIBTM kicked off on 11 June, Site President David Sand talked to Ian Whiteling of Meeting the World about how Site is preparing to grow the association over the next three years.

As the Site International Board of Directors wrapped up a strategic planning session, Sand shared where Site wants to be in 2016:

  • Double the membership of the association
  • Become more member-centric
  • Add greater value through research and education 

Site “brings a focused approach to learning and continuous education, which is really important in today’s dynamically and quick-changing paced environment," says Sand. "More than that, our community differentiator is that we are a group of people that care for each other and want to do business with each other.” 

Watch the video to learn more about Site's plans, as well as Sand's advice to corporations on motivating employees through incentive programs. His “one overriding piece of wisdom”? “Do business with Site members who are all experienced professionals in the incentive industry.”

AIBTM Video Daily, brought to you by Lanyon. Used by permission.


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