Let the Site Shine In 2012

Dear Site Colleagues,

Alejandro_with_Dolphin.jpgThis is supposed to be my first official message as incoming president of our association for 2012. "Official" makes me think "boring," "formal," "structured" and many other things that I am not, so I decided to change the adjective. I would prefer to say that this is my first "Hola, que tal?" message. (Hi, how do you do?)

As you should notice at this point of the conversation (are you willing to converse with me?) Spanish will almost be the official language of Site during 2012. At least you will learn some words during this fantastic year that will help you to have fun and get a little of the great Latin culture in your blood. Why not? Do you want to join this journey with me? I am counting on you.

This message is meant to be a call to action. I want your help to declare the war.

Although I am always a proponent of peace, at this time I am focused on declaring war on certain things I do not like around me. Can I name them?

  • I want to declare war on mediocrity in our industry.
  • I want to declare war on the lack of feedback to the many emails we so diligently write to many of our clients, suppliers and colleagues, only to receive a response of "OK", if we are lucky enough to get a response at all (sound familiar?)
  • I want to declare war on the lack of service and respect for the customer.
  • I want to declare war on the immense fear that some members have of participating in the multiple opportunities our association offers - it is easier than you think.
  • I want to fight against the old idea that there are very few names interested in sponsoring our activities. Our association has a great platform to position brands and destinations, and we can articulate this much better.
  • I want to fight with old mentatlities. Let's bring some fresh air and new ideas to this association's life.
  • I want to fight against doing the same type of things year after year. If we do not intend to do things differently now, how can we pretend to be perceived as an innovative, dynamic and creative association?
  • I want to fight against the image that Site is only for seniors. Let's push a change of perception and invite brilliant young professionals to our game who are looking to learn new things and have new experiences.
  • I want to see communications coming from Site that will make us feel proud of our style and creativity.
  • I want committees reflecting the great cultural diversity that our global membership has (we are waiting for you!)
  • I want to fight against the idea that being a Site member is just wearing a pin on your suit and adding the red logo to your electronic signature.
  • I will fight in my personal life to keep a balance between work, health and family time - it sounds challenging, but it is possible.

My list could go on, but these are some of the first items that come to my mind.

A last thought before saying "hasta la vista, babe." Charity as a networking initiative is a great way to connect with colleagues and clients. We need to learn more about best practices that some chapters already have in place.

And last, but not least: we need to take all the "juice" of the great support we will get in 2012 from the Site International Foundation, which will continue to fund more educational activities for all Site chapters.

I have my passport and visas renewed. Site events around the world are really tempting this year: Bariloche in Argentina, Berlin in Europe, Beijing in China and many other great regional and chapter initiatives that I will not miss! I hope to see you at many of them, toasting with a great Argentine Malbec, or a sparkling champagne (always with glamour, please!)

I invite you to be part of a successful story, Site is your association.

We count on you to bring it to a higher level!

verzoub_headshot.jpgUn abrazo,

Alejandro Verzoub (averzoub@av-buscom.com.ar)
Site President 2012
Let the Site Shine In!

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