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2015 SITE Crystal Award Recipient

Most Effective Incentive Marketing Campaign

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Meet Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan

“2014 Asia Super Team”

Program Overview

To promote Taiwan as a prime destination for corporate incentive travel, MEET TAIWAN launched the Asia Super Team competition, an innovative 2-staged, online to offline campaign aimed at increasing corporate travelers from five neighboring Asian countries: Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. During Phase 1 of the competition, companies from the participating countries contended for the opportunity to journey through cities in Taiwan, their roles transformed from traditional participants to trip planners. Each participant was required to submit a Taiwan Dream Itinerary using the contest’s customized Google Maps trip-planning website, which also provided details of Taiwan incentive travel resources.  Using social media to Meet Taiwan 1.jpgmaximize the impact across boundaries five finalist teams were selected based on an online poll, winning the chance to take part in the 5-day-4-night Incentive Trip called the Taiwan Competition Tour. Phase 2 occurred during the Taiwan Competition Tour, where participants' creativity, execution, and presentation skills were tested via team building activities and contests held at various Taiwan events and attractions.  After a Taiwan incentive travel quiz, the championship winner from Singapore was announced at the final press conference after and was awarded a Taiwan incentive travel package worth US$50,000, turning them into Taiwan incentive travel ambassadors. The campaign concluded successfully with 100% satisfied participants, each expressing willingness to recommend Taiwan as the best destination for corporate travel.

Effectiveness and Results 

MEET TAIWAN’s campaign resulted in a 123% increase in Asian companies that selected Taiwan as their destination of choice for incentive travel within the six months following the program (as compared to 2013), and an economic contribution of US$170,000. The marketing and communication results were outstanding with a total of 269 media clippings generated during the campaign. The media exposure included features in key business magazines like Bloomberg and The Economist, incentive travel platforms such as International Meetings Review and “conferences, events, incentives”, and the portal site Yahoo! Japan. There were also a total of 10 million social media impressions, and over 100,000 unique viewers visited the Asia Super Team website. All contestants from the five participating Asian countries were willing to recommend Taiwan as the best destination for corporate incentive travel after the program. “We experienced cultural diversity and lifestyles in Taiwan. We have seen a very refreshing appearance of Taiwan which is totally different from just being a tourist.” – Championship Winner, Sukardi Budidarma, Purchasing Manager of Seng Hua Hng Foodstuff Ptd Ltd, Singapore

The Creative Approach

This multichannel and multinational competition had five teams journey through Taipei, Yilan, and Kaohsiung. From the beginning stage of the online poll, to the Taiwan Competition Tour, and to the final presentation contest, the participants experienced an online to offline consumer journey. The Taiwan Tour featured three themed team building competitions to match the Asia Super Team campaign theme. The themes were creativity, playfulness, and articulation. Cultural activities that represented both traditional and everyday activities in Taiwan included Taipei 101 and Yangmingshan sightseeing, practicing with aboriginal bows, Karaoke singing, a visit to the National Center of Traditional Arts, and drum playing, which covered a broad range of Taiwanese folk life.

Program Execution

Meet Taiwan 2.jpgBringing 30 people from 5 Asian countries that all spoke different languages was a challenging mission, but the campaign was implemented successfully through an extensive recruitment campaign.

 The Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs  organized a media briefing and recruiting activities, and third party coordination for air transportation, hotel accommodations, and destination venues including the Lei-Shui Aboriginal Tribe, National Center of Traditional Arts, Ten Drum Creative Park, and Dai-Tian Temple in distant geographic locations of Taiwan. Central and local government administrations helped arrange the venues and judge competitions, representing the full support of local officials. Local residents were invited to vote for the best performing team at the National Center of Traditional Arts, Ten Drum Creative Park, and Dai-Tian Temple, bonding the relationship between the local community and international visitors. Le-Shui tribe aboriginals taught international visitors to hunt with bows and arrows; an archery competition strengthened team spirit and introduced aboriginal culture. Janet Hsieh, a popular TV personality and show host from the Travel & Living Channel, acted as the campaign's Taiwan representative at press events and hosted the Q&A on Taiwan’s incentive travel resources at the contest finals. Each team was provided with team t-shirts, bolstering team spirit and group identity and creative lifestyle products made in Taiwan, including the famous A-Yuan Soap, were presented to the travelers. Encouraged by the 100% positive participant feedback, and significant economic benefits to come, MEET TAIWAN is once again holding the Asia Super Team campaign in 2015. To elevate Taiwan to a higher position in incentive travel and express Taiwan's commitment to the environment, this year's competing teams are being required to include corporate social responsibility in their proposed itineraries. The 2015 Asia Super Team competition has already begun, running from June 18 with the championship winner to be announced in mid-October.