Site Crystal Awards Recognition Program

2014 SITE Crystal Award Recipient

Most Outstanding Single Motivational Event within an Incentive Program

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Mfactor Meetings

San Carlos, California, USA

“Platinum Club 2013”

Program Overview

When a large high technology company approached Mfactor Meetings to execute an incentive program to reward their top sales representatives from around the globe, the incentive house delivered a program that went above and beyond. Qualification for Platinum Club is highly competitive and sales objectives are set high. 2013 was the best year the company had ever posted and the company wanted to MFactor 1.jpgprovide special recognition and honor their top leaders. Italy was an ideal destination. It mirrored the grandeur of previous Club destinations and was in the grand scale the company wanted for its top tier.  The company lives the philosophy of “only the best” in their products and service and 44 star qualifiers were rewarded with a Ferragamo-inspired evening exclusively for the company’s elite leaders and C-level management. There was no doubt in the qualifiers’ mind that they were singled out for their outstanding accomplishments, and recognized personally by upper management.

Effectiveness and Results 

Keeping true to the company’s elite and demanding brand values, Platinum Club not only recognizes the top sellers but is the quintessential incentive demonstrating the company’s appreciation of the sales effort. The company closely analyzes the effectiveness and ROI of Platinum Club and understands how influential and effective this incentive is in motivating and retaining the sales force. They see great return on their financial investment in the program year after year. For the 2013 program qualification period sales reps needed to hit 110 – 120% of goal in order to capture membership in the Platinum Club. Out of a sales force of 2,500 people only 150 win the trip.

The Creative Approach

The first night in Florence was an evening at leisure for the main group while the company’s 44 top sellers and executives experienced insight into a unique side of this amazing city. “Dining in style” has never been more appropriate than for this evening inspired by the design and panache of Ferragamo, one of Europe’s most revered fashion designers. Horse drawn carriages stood at the ready in the hotel porte cochere to take guests along and across the Arno River. The magnificent 16th century Palazzo Capponi, now owned by the Mfactor4.jpgFerragamo family, welcomed guests with stunning frescoes, porticos and a medieval design. Not only did the guests enjoy the beauty of the palazzo, they were immersed into the world of high fashion with a close look at the art of Salvatore Ferragamo. The character of this famed fashion house was woven throughout each distinctive aspect of the evening. Mfactor worked closely with the art directors to design a unique look and feel for everything from specially commissioned fabrics used in décor elements to exclusive peeks at their spring collection. Since guests were arriving via carriage at varied times a welcome reception with fluid timing was planned.

The evening began with a Prosecco welcome, passed hors d’oeuvres and a museum-quality display of Ferragamo’s collection of shoes and handbags. A video of the spring collection was shown on a large screen and a Palazzo docent shared the colorful history of the property and the world of fashion. Guests were free to relax, enjoy the unique styles and mingle with their associates. After the unique fashion-expose-within-a-reception, the guests were escorted into the elegant main dining room. Most venues in Rome and Florence are incredibly regal with stately architecture and ornate detail.  For this special night, Mfactor worked with suppliers to design an environment that was entirely different. An uber modern ambience was created with ice blue linens, acrylic chairs, and modernistic benches crafted with images on transparencies set the tone. Centerpieces were muted blue, gold and silver toned Ferragamo-inspired fabrics printed directly onto glass vases that housed candles for a chic design-inspired look. One of the city’s premiere chefs created a 5-course dinner menu and introduced each course by talking about the paired food and wine from the Ferragamo family winery. From special fabric designs to museum-quality fashion displays, from transformation of the Renaissance look of the venue into a chic avante garde mood to a specially crafted menu paired with equally special wines it was truly an evening of style, grandeur, flair and elegance.

Program Execution

Working with three distinctively separate companies -- the Ferragamo fashion house, the Palazzo's property management company and the Ferragamo winery company -- presented some challenges because each worked independently and had ideas of how the event should Mfactor2.jpgunfold. Mfactor pushed all three groups as well as DMC Gastaldi Global Travel to stretch beyond what had been done before at this venue. The result was new concepts and creations that the suppliers said they would incorporate into future group programs. Working from Northern California with Italy-based suppliers was a logistical challenge but one that was resolved handily. The Mfactor meeting planner adjusted her hours working early in the morning to ensure she was able to communicate with the DMC and Ferragamo partners specifically needed.

Environmental and Social Responsibility Practices

In order to reduce the program’s environmental impact, several processes were put into place. Rather than providing guests with bottled water at the hospitality desk, water stations were set up instead. Three of the evening events featured recyclable, non-traditional centerpieces. The centerpieces for the Welcome Reception were filled with fruits, vegetables and florals from local artisans. The edible contents were donated to a local food bank and the florals were donated to a local hospital. In order to eliminate the impact of air shipping produce, Mfactor worked with hotel and catering teams to request local suppliers within a 150-mile radius of the desination locale.

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