You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

    1.   What are the cost of member dues?

      Renewal dues are 445 USD/EURO and never prorated. New members dues are typically 495 USD/EURO with prorate options available throughout the year. 

      2.   When does my membership expire?

        All memberships run on the calendar year and expire on 31 December of any given year.

          3.   Is there a grace period for membership renewals?

            All memberships expire on 31 December of each year, but there is a 1-month grace period where you are still permitted web access.  Online renewal is simple and can be completed anytime by clicking on “Renew Your Membership” under the “Member Center” navigation that can be seen after you login.

              4.   How do I renew my SITE membership?

                To renew membership online at

                  1. Login to your membership account.
                  2. Click on My Profile under the My Options drop down near the top right corner of the site.
                  3. In My Profile, select the button with three dots on the left hand side of your profile and select 'Renew Membership.'
                  4. Once you select "Renew Membership," you can then select the appropriate membership type for your renewal.  Your current membership type will default as the selected option. Do not renew as the New Basic member type.
                  5. After the type is selected, complete the steps to update your personal profile.
                  6. Once completed, you can continue through the billing step to generate your invoice and provide payment by credit card, check, or wire.

                If you are currently part of a group membership, the primary contact of the membership is the one responsible for initiating the renewal process. If you are the primary contact, click here for information about the online renewal process.

                5.   What currency does SITE accept for my membership dues?

                SITE accepts membership dues in Euros or USD.

                  6.   My membership expired. How do I become reinstated?

                    SITE offers members a 30-day grace period following the expiration of their membership. If you are within this time frame, simply renew your membership online. If your membership has lapsed beyond the grace period, please contact  SITE at or +1.312.321.5148.

                    7.   Are membership dues prorated?

                    Yes, new member dues are prorated monthly from April – September with all memberships expiring on 31 December. If a member joins in October, November, or December, they are granted membership through 31 December of the following year.

                    8.   Where do I mail my membership dues?

                    If paying by check, please include your member ID and name and send payment to:

                    8331 Solutions Center
                    Chicago, IL USA 60677-8003

                    If paying by credit card, please log into your account.

                    If paying my wire, contact SITE at or +1.312.321.5148 for our bank transfer information.

                      9.    How long does it typically take to process my membership dues payment?

                        Online payments process immediately. Dues sent to SITE via check or wire transfer are manually processed and may take  7-10 business days.

                         10.    How do I receive a receipt for payment from SITE?

                            1. If you have settled the payment online, please log into your account click on “My Options” at the top of the website then scroll down to “My Profile”
                            2. Once you are at your profile page, click on the “Transactions” tab. 
                            3. Click “View Invoice”

                            11.   Is my membership transferable?

                              SITE individual memberships may be transferred to another person in the same company, if the individual membership is current. Written authorization is needed from the SITE member stating that he/she is in agreement with the transfer of membership. A $100 USD transfer fee will be applied. Please contact SITE at if you would like to transfer memberships.

                                12.   Does SITE offer discounts for group memberships?

                                  Yes, we do offer group membership options. Click here for more information.

                                  13.  I am a former member of SITE and would like to re-join. How do I do this?

                                    If your membership lapsed and you are with the same company, please contact for the staff to update any information and create an invoice. If you're membership is lapsed more than a year, you will be re-activated as a new member.

                                      14.   Who should I contact if I have questions about my membership?

                                        Questions about membership should be directed to SITE at or +1.312.321.5148.