Winning a SITE Crystal Award is a “Game Changer”

Winning a SITE Crystal Award is a “Game Changer”

By Pádraic Gilligan, Chief Marketing Officer, SITE

PGilligan headshot- web size.jpgIn our early years as a DMC we often struggled to convince potential clients that we had the wherewithal to handle their business. Why would they award a multi-million dollar programme to a DMC with no track record when there were others out there with 5, 10 even 20 years’ experience? It’d be like selecting the wet-behind-the-ears, recently qualified surgeon for your heart transplant when there were veteran surgeons available who’d done the job successfully over many years!

We needed some objective proof of our credentials, something that would demonstrate unequivocnwbjvrvv.jpgally that our lack of experience didn’t mean lack of creativity or deficient competency. For our 3 year old company that objective proof came in the shape of a SITE Crystal Award.

Towards the end of our second year in business we were fortunate to deliver a project that showcased our innovation and our ability to successfully manage a multi-faceted programme. We submitted the event for a Crystal Award and, to our delight, won top honours in our category. For us, it was game changing. Business started to grow incrementally. Now it wasn’t just vacuous promotional chatter we had objective proof of our capabilities.

That was way more than 20 years ago but today the SITE Crystal Awards still showcase the best of the best in incentive travel. While it still recognises innovation, creativity and excellence in delivery of incentive travel and motivational events, these days SITE is looking for something more. The evaluation is heavily weighted on how well the reward and recognition experience delivered on corporate and organisational objectives and advanced the business case for incentive travel.

Application for the SITE Crystal Awards 2018 opens on 9 July. You can find further details here. The awards ceremony, sponsored by our great friends at IMEX, takes place during the SITE Global Conference in Thailand in January 2019. Look forward to seeing you up there on the winners’ podium!

For more inspiration, here are some powerful testimonials from previous winners:

Crystal Award_ China Star.jpg“China Star won a SITE Crystal Award in 2014 and it was big news in the MICE industry of China. We are very proud of this award, which always encourages the team to work harder and do better. The award helps us a lot to win the competition whenever we are involved in bidding for an event or a conference. The award has brought China Star business and respect. We definitely will do it again.” – Liu Ping, President, China Star, Beijing, China

“The SITE Crystal Award is an extremely prestigious recognition of the ability to deliver a world-class event by a practicing Incentive Travel Crystal Award_Inspiration India.jpgSpecialist. Inspiration India was honoured to receive this recognition in both 2012 & 2015. The awards were testimony to our team’s expertise in meeting the exacting needs of our clients and delivering quality and creativity that was far beyond expectations. These awards have given us enormous international exposure and being recognized in the company of our peers has been a matter of great pride.”Anup Nair, Managing Director, Inspiration India, Gurgaon, India

“ Our company was awarded three times with the prestigious Crystal Award. As a full serviCRystal Award AV Business & Comm.jpgce Incentive & Marketing Company operating in Latin America, this recognition was a great push to reinforce the commercial relationship with those companies who trusted us. We took advantage of the great media exposure related with the award and used the Crystals as a sales pitch of why other clients should work with us. Even if you are not lucky to win, just submitting your project and comparing it to other winning entries will provide you interesting insights about how to improve your presentations.” Alejandro Verzoub, President, AV Business & Communications, Argentina

Crystal Award Dragonfly.jpg"One of our company’s mission statements is to demonstrate our creativity, innovation and commitment in a way which distinguishes us from others in the market place and leaves our clients with a strong feeling that they have received something special. So, to win a SITE Crystal award, judged by international peers, is a validation for our whole company. It is also recognition for the all the hard work, long hours and dedication that is required to deliver a successful and motivational trip.” – Yolanda Woeke-Jacobs, Director Sales & Marketing, Dragonfly Africa, South Africa


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