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Over this month, many have seen me and my fellow SITE International Board colleagues and SITE Foundation Trustees post pictures of our visit to Slovenia in Central Europe. We were there for the 2016 SITE Incentive Summit, an annual initiative that takes the SITE Leadership to parts of the world that could leverage the experience and knowledge of this global group.

And what a time we had. Slovenia is a small hidden gem that is just waiting for you to explore it. What surprised us that barring one, no one else from our very well-traveled group of 25 had ever been to Slovenia before, so this was truly a trip of the highly interested.

SITE Summit 2.jpgI feel so privileged to have been a part of the invited group and so very fortunate to have experienced this country as a local. In our industry we often get spoiled by hosting and fam trips. We are trained to expect fancy meals and speeches. I have to say this trip was a bit different. The genuineness of our hosts and their smiles were nothing but authentic. You can fake plastic smiles for only so long, but not these folks. The affection we experienced was pure, authentic and truly inspiring. No matter where we went, we were treated like family. The fact that actuals tears flowed at the closing dinner summed up what was a magnificent experience.

SITE has dedicated itself to advocating the business advantages of incentive travel experiences. This is a well-established tool that most globally successful corporates have used to their advantage.

The Summit is not about fun and games or indulgent parties. It is a serious, well- planned intervention to create and enhance new incentive destinations. We go to places that have the potential to grow their incentive business. We spend the time in strategic meetings and local education. This time we had 160+ professionals from hotels, DMCs, airlines, governments and students from across Central Europe who spent the day learning from some of the best and most vibrant minds in the world of incentive travel.

site incentive summit.jpgOn these trips we experience a country’s culture, the elements that make it unique and the people that make it special. We live the lives that our hosts wish to project to the world and we work our minds to help them improve.

SITE’s 2016 International Board of Directors is diverse, with 14 board members from 10 countries. We represent the far corners of the world and bring an unparalleled level of experience and ingenuity to our industry. This is a group of people who love what they do, who understand that business is also about fun and who have raised their hands to volunteer to serve their industry.

Our efforts plant the seeds of new ideas in the destinations we visit. We help nurture new entrants into the industry. We help established partners move to the next level. We consult with governments and tourism boards. From countries & regions as diverse as Argentina, India, Egypt, Jordan, China, The Caribbean, Netherlands, and others, the footprint of SITE’s activities is vast. Our membership of 2,000+ spans 87 countries, comprising of the best of the best in the motivational travel industry.

The pictures you see were designed to raise your curiosity about the places we visit and the experiences we share. You now know of perhaps one more part of the world, if you didn't before. We have showcased some amazing cultural interactions, some succulent dining experiences and exquisite accommodations options. The destinations we visit are ones that perhaps are now better equipped to grow their source markets. We leave our hosts with a great sense of satisfaction of helping make a difference.

site summit 7.jpgWe have so much to be proud of. What we did in our week in Slovenia has touched many in ways we perhaps didn’t expect. Yes, we had great board meetings. We got through a lot of SITE work and set the plans in motion to make this a great year. But what made the trip worth it is the footprints we have left behind. The feedback from the local hosts and all those whom we met during the week has been incredible. The appreciation for knowledge in this little country was beyond anything we could have imagined. I can confidently say that we were able to give each and every person who attended the education day at least one little insight, one little idea that will change the way they do business. This is not me saying this, but it is what we have heard from everyone we met. We truly made an impression. To have made such an impact is truly satisfying.

An association has many objectives - some related to business, some socially focused. But to me, our role can be as simple as helping our members improve their businesses, become more professional and live more satisfying lives. I left Slovenia with a happy heart. We did good !

This is what SITE does....

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