SITE’s upcoming inspirational destinations

cjydhsxt.jpgInspirational destinations drive positive results for organizations using incentive travel as part of their reward and recognition system. We see this working every day as we create programs to deliver the WOW that inspires loyalty, drives retention, supports recruitment and delivers business results.

This is all important, but let’s get real. It is the magic of stepping into a destination that takes your breath away after you have earned this reward that drives results.

At SITE, every program offers us the chance to show you a destination, to provide opportunities for conversations with old friends and new colleagues, and to leave with new ideas spurred by both education offered and dialogue.

In my new role as Head of Events for SITE, I have the multi-faceted tasks of working with our team, the many volunteers on myriad committees, our destination host partners, and our boards and members to find the places and the spaces that provide those perfect moments, the gasps and oohs, aahs, aha’s and awes that will drive business results for your clients.

This is an ongoing journey which has lasted for the 42 years of the association, and in the past 8 weeks I have been continuing this great journey of discovery. It began in Whistler, the host for Incentive Summit Americas in March with a site visit they were so prepared for we could have operated the next week! This is my backyard, one where I have seen literally thousands of incentive guests smile for days, and one I can’t wait to share with these guests.


In early January it was time to hit the road, first attending our stunning Global Conference in Bangkok where I found the warmest of welcomes. It has continued where two continents meet, Istanbul, with an excellent evening meeting the board members of our SITE Turkey chapter and including a boat ride down the Bosporus to meet lively chapter members. I included a site visit to (relatively nearby) Frankfurt where SITE NITE Europe is destined to be fun, delicious and a night not to miss if you are going to be at IMEX. Finally, I headed to the stunning mountain town of Verbier where our inaugural Incentive Summit Europe will take place at the end of April.


Over twelve days, I spent dozens of hours in airports and planes, trains and cars, in hotels, gondolas, mosques, chalets and castles, on mountains and beside lakes, in city centres and shorelines on my quest to see nearly everything our participants will experience later this year. Seeing the commitment of our partners who will share their destinations and the wonderful opportunities within brings me incredible joy. We truly can’t do it without each of them, and the collaborations are inspiring.

I am so excited to see how participants react, as each of these comes with its own flavor. I know all will be memorable for our guests, and fresh ideas will be sparked through the intersections of education and activity we offer together. Where will I see you?  


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