SITE NITE North America – energy, pace and engagement in abundance


Held last Monday, 12 October, over 600 incentive travel professionals signed up to participate at SITE NITE North America and were treated to a highly engaging, fast-paced, energising event. At one stage I thought I was having an actual conversation with multiple SITE members and friends, so frenetic was the activity in the chatbox on our event platform. We may not be meeting face to face, but we certainly haven’t lost our MoJo. The entire experience was validating, affirming and proof of the old adage that “when people come together (even virtually!), magic happens!

Events like SITE NITE don’t just happen without the incredible support of many people … “It takes a village”. Chief amongst them for SNNA is the DMC Network who dug deep to ensure we had a great platform, a wonderful event partner (thanks Nicole and the Imprint team!) and amazing entertainment in the shape of a talent search, re-purposed into a virtual setting from their long-standing LIVE Vegas bash.

The Talent Search uncovered incredible skills and accomplishments within the SITE family including superlative artistic endeavour and uncommon gymnastic feats with … a Hulahoop! And then there were the musicians and singers and Lindsay Adams' unforgettable take on “I Will Survive”, re-crafted cleverly for the Covid era.

 Screenshot 2020-10-15 at 11.23.27.jpg

The Cabana breakouts afforded us all a chance to connect in a smaller setting and there, amongst other options, we were treated to a brilliant destination trivia quiz courtesy of The DMC Network (and won by SITE Ireland’s ubiquitous Michael Dalton, CIS, CITP) and a deep dive into the culinary delights of Slovenia, hosted by Chef - Extraordinaire (!) and Director of the Slovenian Convention Bureau, Miha Kovačič, CIS.

SNNA is a cause for celebration and that cause is, of course, SITE Foundation and the vitally important work it does around research, education and advocacy on the part of the incentive travel industry. Over the past 4 years SITE Foundation has invested over USD$1.25m back into the industry through initiatives like ITII, chapter grants and other disbursements.

Thanks to the generosity of so many SITE members and chapters we were able to stage a great raffle and raised just under USD$5000 on the night. Prizes of SITE membership went to Stephanie Nieszel, Angela Aguilar, Jan Zandboer, Frank Robleto, Jill Tate, Cherryl Brazier and Kim Savransky. Carol Chorbajian got a case of Odonata Wines while travel prizes went to Dan O’Connell (Discover Palm Beaches), Rhonda Brewer (Las Vegas) and Mary Clare Darland (Hard Rock “Super Star” package).

The Silent Auction, a key fundraiser for SITE Foundation, is still live (until COB Friday, 16 Oct 2020). You can access the auction site here. ACCESS AUCTION SITE.




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