SITE is an incredible community that truly supports and welcomes its members, both professionally and personally

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Meet Hasan Dinc, CITP, Managing Director of ODS Turkey

Hasan began life in the tourism industry by working part-time in TURSEM while he was in university studying to be an engineer. Realizing that tourism was the industry for him, by 1992, he was working for one of the largest companies in the industry, Tantur Tourism & TUI Group. It was during this period that he was introduced to SITE by mentor, and co-founder of Tantur Tourism, Ömür Cağla. In 1999, Hasan co-founded ODS Turkey, where he continues as owner and managing director. Hasan is president of the SITE Turkey Chapter and also served as president of EUROMIC for the last 4 years.

Hasan’s most memorable incentive event is a gala dinner held in the ancient Greek city of Ephesus in the early 90s. Being one of the first DMCs to be granted permission to hold an event within the ruins, they were then told last minute that the production company and catering trucks could not get onto the site! This meant having to manually carry all equipment 3 km uphill! In those days the city had porters with 3 wheeled bikes in the harbor to take the luggage to and from the cruise ships so Hasan managed to convince 50 of them to come and help them! With some fantastic efforts, they succeeded in carrying all the equipment to the site on time. Despite all the challenges, they delivered an incredible evening for guests and it is certainly one Hasan will never forget!

As the only association exclusively representing the Incentive world, Hasan maintains that SITE is a considerable networking platform. He also believes that the recent concentration on Young Leaders and research are hugely beneficial for both business as well as personal and team development. As an example, he mentions how one of his Junior Project Managers, Merve Babaoğlu won the SITE EUROMIC scholarship for Young Leaders and is involved in the planning of the SITE EXECUTIVE SUMMIT in Istanbul this year. Hasan also says that the sense of community and belonging of SITE is also second to none. He mentions how Turkey went through very turbulent times even before Covid-19 and that the support of the SITE community was invaluable.  

Hasan urges all SITE members to really get involved and contribute to the collective know-how of SITE, globally and locally. He believes that the rewards are returned in spades, including a sense of community and belonging, friendship, as well as knowledge, and education. In every single conversation or meeting, he says he is still learning and encourages everyone to get involved and be an ambassador for their country, their company, and themselves.

Being a member of other similar organizations, Hasan says that SITE is the one that has contributed to him most, both professionally and personally. He says that Covid-19 has only served to strengthen the SITE community and that there has never been a better time to join!

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