Members overwhelmingly endorse SITE’s communication plan and highlight priorities for the next phase

Back in March Coronavirus insinuated itself into the fabric of our lives and livelihoods. We asked you then to help us craft a meaningful 12 week communications plan, a kind of bridge to recovery, the assumption being that by mid-June we’d be back in the saddle again. You gave us great feedback and that enabled us to deliver:  

  • 64+ content pieces and stories on SITESource – that’s about 25,000 words, the equivalent of a university dissertation!
  • a re-positioned, re-formated, re-energised private Linkedin group exclusive to SITE members
  • 456 stories on our dedicated Flipboard
  • 916 social posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook
  • Campaign around volunteerism individually highlighting 50 SITE volunteers
  • 17 Webinars with 5000+ registrations
  • SITE NITE Europe within excess of 400 registrations

Now, in early July, we know that Coronavirus is more than a 3 month hiatus. It’s set to impact lives and livelihoods for months to some. We now need to update our plan and, thanks to your great response, we’re doing that now.

We were deeply satisfied to note from the results that our efforts are working and that the vast majority of you feel we’re doing a good job across various metrics –  frequency of communication, quality and relevance of communication etc.

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Regarding the various platforms that we’re using, SITESource, Webinars and Email all scored 8+ - we’re happy with that – but Linkedin, Flipboard and Social Media scored 7+ - we’re determined to improve here, so please give us more feedback:

About 20% of you, for example, are lukewarm at best - awarding 6 or less out of 10 for satisfaction - when it comes to Social Media, Linkedin and Flipboard. Why is that? What can we do to improve here? Please email us on

 You’ve been very helpful regarding the themes and topics that you want to see explored on our comms channels.


Clearly, you don’t come to SITE for lifestyle topics and you’re not that keen on Coronavirus or market updates either.

In order of priority, these are the themes and topics that are important to you at this time:

  1. How SITE members are dealing with the fall-out from Covid-19
  2. When you should start sales and marketing campaigns
  3. What SITE is doing to help in relation to recovery
  4. Interviews / Panel Discussions on relevant topics
  5. Thought leaders sharing their point of view
  6. How to video / online tutorials to learn new skills

 This feedback is crucial for us as we plan the content for SITE WEEK and beyond so watch out for sessions that fully or partially tackle these vitally important concerns.

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