SITE 2021 and beyond: Building Back Better

Aoife Delaney CIS, CITP, President SITE & Director of Marketing & Sales, DMC Network

0-1.jpg“Build Back Better” as a phrase was first coined by the United Nations at a conference on risk reduction in Japan in 2015. It’s been used quite a bit in 2020, even in our industry, as we realized just how impactful, and devastating, the pandemic was going to be. 

I really like it as a phrase as it sets out a thoughtful, dynamic approach to recovery beyond “business as usual” and provides us with a compelling vision to direct our gaze at, as we move, tentatively, towards a post-Covid world.

2020 has been an unprecedented year for all of us, but one that SITE has navigated exceptionally well. In 2021, my main focus will be on guiding SITE through the beginnings of our recovery.

But I want us to do this with a bigger goal in sight. I want us to focus too on how we can build back better for our members, for our industry, for the business world, and for society. 

With Building Back Better as my overall strategic imperative, the key themes for my presidential year will be fiscal stability and a strong, vibrant, engaged community.

In addition, the launch of our new online assets, particularly our website, will provide a highly tangible, visual expression of the life of our community and will be a key focus, particularly in the early months of 2020.

Despite the backdrop of a global pandemic to contend with, I’m fortunate to take the reins at SITE after a number of years of great leadership and governance.

Our association is in great shape with updated bylaws that reflect the times we are in.

We have a truly excellent international board of directors from which we can channel real global thought leadership.

This year, for the first time, we have the voice of the next generation too, with our young leader seat now in place.

Our executive leadership team is the envy of our industry, the A Team of the Business Events world.

But Covid19 has had a catastrophic impact on you, our members, with many of you still furloughed or laid off. Some of you have had to shutter your businesses.

I really hope you can remain as members in SITE despite these overwhelming challenges – we‘ve put the Moira Fund in place to help in this regard.

I’m convinced that by staying together, by remaining steadfast as a community convinced of the business value of incentive travel, we can build back our livelihoods

But, as we do so, let’s commit to going the extra mile, let’s focus on building back better and creating an even brighter future for ourselves, our industry, the business world, and society at large.

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