Rebirth, Reinvigoration and Re-launch at SITE Germany

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Rebirth, Reinvigoration and Re-launch at SITE Germany

0.jpgWe were delighted to hear from Marina Parra-Flechsig, Owner and Managing Director at Weichlein Tours & Incentives and President, SITE Germany about the chapter’s plans to re-form, re-invigorate and re-launch:

It’s with great excitement and pleasure that we’re reaching out to announce that, after several months of hibernation, the new Board of SITE Germany is ready to rebirth and has set a plan, together with SITE Headquarters, to re-establish the chapter in all its splendour!

2020 was a very tough year for our industry and our chapter and this was the main reason why we reduced our activities to a minimum. Like many other events in our lives, our regular activities (Education Day, SITE Cocktail at IMEX and even the celebration of our 30 years anniversary) needed to be postponed until 2021.

But we didn’t just sit and wait for better times to come.  During the last months, we’ve prepared the roadmap for a fantastic and bright future for our chapter and our industry, which we would love to share with you, but most importantly, we invite you to actively take part of.

We want to satisfy the needs of our diverse membership and focused on fulfilling your objectives.  As all our members are physically distributed throughout Germany and neighbouring countries so we believe we need to provide impactful and regular content and business connections, without the need to travel too much. We therefore plan to have regular online  /  hybrid get-togethers, which will cover the following four pillars:

  • Partners’ showcase
  • Advice from international expert buyers
  • Networking
  • Education

With the motto “No PANE, no gain!”, we want to bring our chapter’s possibilities nearer to you and want to offer you the opportunity to benefit from the amazing platform of over 2.200 SITE Members worldwide.

We want to showcase you and your companies (our Partners!) as much as we can and give you an authentic presence through our social media channels, which we will reactivate within the next weeks.

In the Advisory portion, we’ll invite international incentive planners from the main markets that are relevant to Europe and receive from them the actual input on how their markets and clients are behaving and how we can improve our approach. 

We want all of us to interact with each other and make our networking ties even stronger.  We want to make our communication open and create a platform where each of you is able to reach to a partner for advice, suggestions, assistance or business.

And last, but not least, we will choose important themes on further education and personal development, for which we will also invite experts in the different fields (social media / digitalization, sustainability, sales in today’s world and much more!). 

As we do not want you to miss any of our events, please mark your calendars on the following dates:

February 2nd, 14:00hrs CET

SITE Germany Relaunch and presentation of our first “No PANE, no gain!” series of interactions. 

April 6th, 15:00hrs CET

No PANE, no gain!  -  2nd. Session. 

May 26th, 16:30hrs CET

SITE Yearly cocktail during IMEX Frankfurt.  Live Session of No PANE, no gain!

Further dates and more information about the content of each of our events will be released soon on our new (but still under construction!) website

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