#RandomActsofSITEness are multiplying ...

It’s well and truly started now as members in the US, Canada and Ireland get on board with #RandomActsofSITEness, SITE President, Aoife Delaney’s initiative to practice what we preach and spread a little incentive cheer around the planet. 

In Ireland, Aoife McCrum, SITE’s Director of Digital, was surprised and delighted to receive sustainable bread wraps from Becky Hargrove of Kerry Convention Bureau, one of Ireland’s regional DMOs. Aoife provided important recommendations to Becky that fostered a lifestyle change and, knowing Aoife to be a sourdough baker and keen supporter of all things sustainability, Becky thanked her with a #RandomActofSITEness.

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Meanwhile, SITE Chicago’s Colleen Brzozowski dispatched a massive bear hug, or, at least, a voucher to be exchanged for one when safe to do so, to SITE’s Head of Events, Tahira Endean, in recognition of Tahira’s achievement with SITE NITE all NITE.

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Colleen herself was the recipient of a #RandomActofSITEness when SITE Canada’s Diane Alexander gifted her The Book of Awesome in gratitude for the inspiration that Colleen has provided to her – and to the entire SITE community – over the years.

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Back in Ireland, meanwhile, Yvonne Colucci of DMC, Odyssey International, the recipient of a coveted SITE Crystal Award in Vancouver in 2020, was recognised by fellow SITE member, Linda McFadden of recruitment company, The Firm, and received a hamper of delicious Spanish Food. Untitled design (9).jpg

So what about you? What #RandomActsofSITEness can you dream up for colleagues, partners and clients?

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#RandomActsofSITEness are multiplying ...

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