Our #RandomActsofSITEness shining brightly like the summer sun

As summer advances so too do our #RandomActsofSITEness!

They’re increasing in SITE Canada, SITE NorthEast and SITE Florida / Caribbean and actually outpacing coronavirus in Ireland at the moment amongst members and friends of SITE Ireland!

Summer is the perfect time to jump on board and organise your own #RandomActofSITEness. #RandomActsofSITEness are not necessarily massive gestures of generosity – though these are allowed too, of course! They’re thoughtful touches, highly considered delights like a handwritten card, an inspiration book, a personal visit, a home-baked treat.

We’ve pulled some images from Social Media to highlight what we mean. Don’t forget to post on social media using our hashtag #RandomActsofSITEness





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Our #RandomActsofSITEness shining brightly like the summer sun

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