Meet SITE’s President Elect, Philip Eidsvold, CIS, CITP

Philip Eidsvold Head Shott.jpgWhen he takes the reigns at SITE next year, President-Elect Philip Eidsvold, CIS, CITP will be celebrating two decades in the meetings and incentives industry. The fact that every one of those twenty years has been with the same company offers a telling insight into how he’s wired from a values perspective.

Philip is loyal to the core, loyal to One10 (the latest iteration in the evolution of a company many of us knew as Carlson Marketing and later Aimia); loyal to the customers he has been nurturing for many years and loyal to SITE, which he describes as his “professional home”.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and French, Philip is both a Francophone and Francophile. This indeed was his passport into Carlson Marketing, where he was sent all over the world to French-speaking destinations as a Trip Director. “I thought I had died and gone to heaven,” he comments. Amongst many memorable incentive travel trips he operated was one on a privatized, all business-class 737 where he was required to make the on-board announcements!

Fay Beauchine head shot_2017.jpgThe journey for Philip from Trip Director to Senior Director, Client Services allowed him to build a career brick by brick from the ground up, a justifiable source of great pride to him. He highlights the role that Fay Beauchine played in his career growth. “I’ve had many mentors but the person that has really made the most impact on my career is Fay Beauchine, former SITE and SITE Foundation President. I had the pleasure of working with her at Carlson Marketing and then Aimia and learned so much from her about our industry. Plus, she’s the person that introduced me to SITE!”

If loyalty is a core value for Philip then so, too, are altruism and philanthropy. He quotes the Golden Rule - “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you” - as the cardinal point of his moral compass and cites volunteerism as his guiding passion. In this regard, he sits on the Board of two not-for-profit organizations in the Performing Arts sector, a Summer Stock Theater in Northern Minnesota and a semi-professional choral group in Minneapolis.

Philip,Ty,Grace.jpgWhen you meet Philip you cannot help but be struck by his contagious optimism and his astonishing energy. Like the Duracell Bunny, Philip is always on. When work and volunteer activities are done and dusted he likes to relax with his partner Ty and dog Grace, and work up a good sweat by practicing power yoga. “Well, I can’t ever sit still … so I love to keep active with working out and practicing power yoga,” he says.

Philip clearly has a sneaky taste for glitz and glamour, too, naming “The Devil Wears Prada” as his favorite movie and including Barbara Walters, Jackie Kennedy, Queen Elizabeth and Barack and Michelle Obama as guests at his dream dinner party.

Board at Global Forum web size.jpgWhen asked the $64,000 question, “Why SITE?”,  Eidsvold is unhesitating. “SITE is my professional home. It offers the best networking and relationship building out there and I truly believe that Incentive Travel drives business results! It’s a critical tool for success…and we want the world to know how to harness its benefits!”


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