Meet SITE’s new Head of Events, Tina Gaccetta

Meet SITE’s new Head of Events, Tina Gaccetta

“… experiences are so much richer when shared …”

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 11.13.23 AM.pngHospitality was bred into Tina Gaccetta, SITE’s newly appointed Head of Events. Her Dad was a chef and her Mom Italian – with such a combination it’s no wonder she embarked upon a career that, ultimately, involves bringing people together in inspirational, motivational places.

Tina was immersed in the principles of incentive travel way before she even knew that such an industry existed. At Bowling Green State University in Ohio, her graduation project was a full-blown sales incentive, complete with rules structure, communication campaign and an exciting award trip for those who reached the Pinnacle Club.

She began her career in the meetings and incentives industry as a Travel Director, clocking up air miles over a 6-year period when she traveled over 200 days each year with incentive qualifiers to incredible destinations all over the world. This hands-on experience - from Athens to Bangkok to Zermmatt – laid a solid foundation for her stellar career as an incentive professional that culminated with a role as Vice-President Client Services with one of the world’s best known agencies.

Like so many of us in the incentive industry, Tina was inspired by incredible mentors like Fay Beauchine and Kurt Paben, but she also emphasizes the impact on us of the suppliers we work with throughout our careers.

“The path to knowledge is not only a direct line to a mentor. I’ve had the opportunity to work with countless amazing partners from hotels, DMCs and clients who have contributed a great deal into shaping my knowledge and expertise. This, too, is the beauty of SITE!”

Having planned and executed hundreds of incentive travel experiences, Tina selects as her standouts the ones that bring qualifiers up close and personal with the uniqueness of the destination, combining group and individual experiences.

“The most memorable incentive trips were ‘Design Your Own Programs’ that combined a group incentive travel experience with 3 nights in the middle where participants were able to specially craft ‘on your own’ itineraries.”

Tina and Family 1.jpgIn her spare time Tina practices yoga and, this year, will complete her Yoga Teacher certification. She loves to be active, “getting outside walking or biking every day if I can." She coins a great acronym to describe her core passions – FFFT: Family, Food, Friends & Travel - and makes a great point that highlights the very foundations of incentive travel.

“I love traveling and exploring cultures and the natural beauty of our world with family and friends, because all experiences are so much richer when shared. Although travel can be tiring, travel is part of the fabric of my life and not traveling would be a challenge.”

Tina brings an immense wealth of experience to her role at SITE as Head of Events, but also comes with an equally immense respect for SITE as an Association.

“Why SITE? Simple, it’s the only organization dedicated to supporting the Business of Incentive Travel. Its leaders are highly respected industry veterans that are focused on authentically giving back to the business they believe in.

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