Meet SITE’s CITP Champion, Jenn Glynn

Jenn Glynn 2018 Headshot (1).jpgProud Canadian, SITE Board member and CITP pioneer, Jennifer (Jenn) Glynn, CITP is a three-decade veteran of the hospitality industry. “I had the opportunity to move into hotel sales for the incentive market back in Whistler in mid-1990’s and have continued to work in this industry in a variety of roles for the last 20 plus years. My current roles have me co-managing two companies Meeting Encore Ltd. and Intuitive Conferences + Events. Meeting Encore is celebrating 28 years in the business of sourcing/contracting for our valued clients, while Intuitive Conferences + Events is a full service agency executing incentives and conferences for our clients around the globe”, she explains.

Jenn’s industry mentor was the late, great Moira Hearn, the English born Canadian whose Moira Hearn.pnginfluence on an entire generation of incentive travel professionals from the early 90's onward was legendary. “Moira Hearn was the reason I got involved in SITE. She helped me channel my passion for the incentive sector into a volunteering role that allowed me to contribute meaningfully, first at local Chapter level and later as a member of the international board. Although Moira would laugh now at how overly involved I have become … it’s like a faucet that I can’t turn off”, said Jenn. Jenn obviously learned a lot from her mentor and highlights her own passion as helping people and solving people’s problems. She loves to coach people and help them reach their own potential.

Jenn started on the food and beverage side of the hospitality business and then shifted to hotel sales and then to the buyer/agency side of the business, following earning a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Hotel & Food Administration from University of Guelph. Since then she has worked on both sides of the incentive travel industry, in the process gaining a unique understanding of both the client and supplier perspective and the crucial importance of relationships in this industry. A life-long learner, Jenn also went back and completed a Masters of Arts in Leadership in 2006 at the University of Guelph.

According to friends and family Jenn has a hard time shutting off from both volunteer and full time jobs, but when she does she loves getting her hands dirty in the garden or working on home renovations. “Playing in the outdoors with our dogs and being with my husband David bring me the most joy,” she says.

Professionally, over three decades in the incentive travel industry, Jenn has enjoyed many high points. The saying that you’re only as good as your last event makes her reference a recent program for a client. “Although not as exotic a location as some, we were able to add the special incentive quality touches that the attendees had never previously experienced. The personal care and attention to their individual experiences resulted in the highest praise from the qualifiers. They were one of the nicest, most grateful groups that I have had the pleasure to work with. It makes you appreciate that you can create a rewarding experience in any location - that the little touches make the biggest difference to people.”

SITE_CITP_Logo.jpgA volunteer highlight for Jenn has been the dramatic growth of educational programming at SITE, in particular, under her leadership the creation and launch of Certified Incentive Travel Professional (CITP), SITE’s newest certification. This has been a labour of love for the past two years and, while the experience hasn’t been without its stressful moments, one of its outcomes has been the creation of a community of volunteers passionate about learning and development.

Jenn Glynn ISA.jpg“SITE is a community of professionals that are passionate about our industry. But more so, the community supports each other and wants to make our industry stronger and better understood. Some of the closest friends I have come from volunteering and getting involved in our SITE Community,” she exclaims.

Jenn’s fantasy dinner party is a fascinating collection of strong women married to equally strong men (Amal Clooney, Michelle Obama), two vintage actors (one British and one Canadian) and everybody’s favourite guest, Paul Hewson aka Bono. Jenn is a stunning host and chef so she might find it hard getting those guests out before dawn! And what about the best advice she’s ever received? Three things: Live, remember you are not perfect either and always be open to opportunities.

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