Meet Marina Parra-Flechsig, CITP, Managing Director / Owner, Weichlein Tours + Incentives, President SITE Germany Chapter; Member Since 2000

0.jpgMarina started her career in hospitality after studying hotel business administration at the PUCMM in Santo Domingo. After graduating, she landed a job at Hotel Decameron in 1992 in the Dominican Republic. Back in those days she was collaborating with U.S. and Canadian incentive groups and got involved in a SITE event in 2000 at the Melia Caribe Tropical.

This opened the doors to the wonderful world of SITE. 

When she decided to move to Germany in 2002, she got a great recommendation letter from SITE Member Charlotte Dunlap, who opened the doors to the MICE industry in Europe.

One of her most successful incentive trips, she says, took place this year in Munich with 850 guests from a Norwegian supermarket chain. “We organized a very upscale three-night stay for them. The guests had the opportunity to discover the most exclusive and extraordinary locations in the city. The challenge was to keep the pace with the very detail-oriented client, which brought out the best out of my team and brought us to a new scale of perfection. Never have I had a more satisfied client than this one! I am so happy for this experience, I’m ready to do it again!”

Marina loves to solve problems and share her knowledge and be able to leave a legacy for a new generation. “I am proud to have been recognized as one of the most successful DMCs in Germany, being a foreigner, a woman and a warrior. I started with three people seven years ago and now I have an 18-member staff!”

When she’s not working Marina follows the local soccer team FC Bayern Munich.  She loves the song “All of Me” by John Legend and she’d share a meal of pasta with tiger shrimp and cream sauce with her husband Lars, who, she says, “has always been the pillar of my company and my family”. She’d also invite her best friends Karina Löpprich and Carla de Bejar, who she says, “are not only my most brilliant friends, but also my left and right hands in terms of business.” She’d also invite actors Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper to the dinner, “just to enjoy the view.”

When she inherited her business from her mentor Brigitte Trenner, Marina asked her at the time what she wanted in return. “She gave me this advice: Treat your suppliers as you would treat your best clients, as they make or kill your business; grow your company as long as you can keep a personal track of the projects that take place. Don’t grow in number, but grow in quality, and share and live the motto of the company in every step you make, which is the reason for the existence of Weichlein: Local Knowledge, Flexibility, Solutions.”

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