Meet Lynne Coyne, Co-Chair for SITE Global Conference 2019 in Bangkok

Lynne Coyne.jpgCo-chair for SITE Global Conference 2019 in Bangkok, Lynne Coyne, CMP, CITP, Manager, Event Services for Intuitive Conferences & Events, is a curious species of incentive travel professional.

Following a stellar career as a corporate meeting planner, Lynne is a “poacher turned game keeper” (or should that be game keeper turned poacher?), swapping her corporate status working with great companies like 3M, Manulife and Sun Life for the agency side - all the while never losing sight of her Mary Poppins view of life, “in every job that must be done there is an element of fun.”

Lynne started on the meetings side with 3M, soon after earning a college degree in International Business and Finance. At 3M she was taken under the professional wing of mentor Cathie Hastings and received a thorough grounding in meeting planning, developing a passion for customer service and learning how “good” experiences can become “great” experiences when we focus on the tiny details.

She joined Manulife in 2005 to work on corporate incentives. She quickly realized this was definitely her sweet spot as incentive travel is all about quality – thus forensic attention to detail is a given, along with an uncompromising focus on the “experience” and channeling cultural differences, something Lynne became aware of when she studied International Business in college.

At her time with Manulife and Sun Life she was responsible for creating many truly memorable incentives, but singles out a recent trip to Cannes, France for particular mention. “In 2017 we did an extension with Sun Life's top performers to the Four Seasons Grand Hotel in Cap-Ferrat and it was simply amazing. The scenery is iconic, picture postcard perfect, but to take the program to a higher level we did transfers in vintage cars and a take-over of the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild. It was like we were in a very opulent, extravagant movie set.”

When she’s not working in her new role at Intuitive Conferences & Events, a full service meeting, conference and incentive travel planning company, Lynne can be found in the bosom of a busy family hanging with her kids and volunteering with various committees and teams in her local community. Volunteering, in fact, is part of Lynne’s DNA and extends, naturally, into her professional life. As a corporate meeting planner she was involved with FICP and these days she’s very active with SITE.

“SITE represents excellence,” she says. “It’s a global organization focused on delivering great education and events. I love that SITE’s focus is on quality travel experiences, and I’m so excited to be part of the design team for our global conference in Bangkok.”

Despite a decade and a half of experience in hospitality, Lynne doesn’t take our industry for granted. She’s grateful to SITE Board Member, Jenn Glynn, for important career advice over the years. “We are so fortunate to be part of this amazing industry. What we do and what we get to experience on a daily basis are truly unique, but for me it’s all about the people. We’re unbelievably blessed to meet and work with such amazing colleagues all over the globe and SITE makes those relationships happen!”

So what about that famous dinner party where you get to invite 5 guests? Well, Lynne immediately restricts it to 3 because as a professional meeting planner she knows this maximizes the quality of the chat. She also opts for the classics – Walt Disney, Oprah, Robin Williams … no arguing with that!




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