Meet Christian Cancina, President-elect, SITE South America

Christian Cancina has recently been named President-elect for the SITE South America chapter, working closely with current president Alejandro Verzoub to manage and grow the chapter. He is in charge of the Marketing Division for Huentata Corporate Services, Mendoza, Argentina where he organizes incentive trips for clients to Mendoza and other destinations around the world. Christian holds a degree in Tourism and Hospitality from the University of Moron. He is the father of Valentin and Alma and husband to Andrea. “I always look for new challenges in my private and professional life. I’m a natural leader, with the great experience of more than 30 years of playing rugby, playing always as part of a TEAM. You are nothing without a team. As a Buddhist, I am dedicated to spreading the idea of world peace and that humanism is the real solution to all the problem.”

SITE: Being a chapter leader is a volunteer position and requires a significant time commitment. What/who motivated you to assume a SITE chapter leader position?

Christian: I’m a restless person always looking for new challenges in my professional career. Some years ago I met SITE Past President, Alejandro Verzoub, who motivated me to first become a member and then to get involved on the SITE South America board. When I attended ibtm or IMEX, I noticed that most of the best companies that I met were SITE members, so I thought that membership was really the door to open for high level networking. Our chapter has a system of succession, with the president and president elect working together for one year, so Alejandro and I will be working closely to manage and grow the chapter. Currently I am in charge of chapter communications, working with social media and delivering information to the members. My motto is “Let’s Incentive the World.”

SITE: What events and activities is the chapter planning in 2016 to engage current members and recruit new members?

Christian: We are planning a great gathering for all SITE South America members prior to the SITE Global Conference in Panama. Nowadays we are working on the meeting schedule for current members and thinking about which topics we are going to cover. To recruit new members we are organizing local working groups by country. Our chapter’s region is quiet large and the distances are huge, so we decided that local leaders in various South American countries will be in charge of recruiting of new members, planning network meetings and doing educational sessions in Universities.

SITE: When recruiting new members, what do you tell them are the greatest benefits of being a member of SITE?

Christian: The greatest benefit of being a SITE member is becoming a part of a global network of industry leaders where you can discuss issues that affect our industry. First of all I tell prospective members that the benefits they receive from SITE will depend on them, because their membership will not return value if they do not participate in chapter activities or assist with the meetings and seminars. It is the best association in the industry to help you develop your career, whether you are a young professional just starting out, or a recognized industry leader.

SITE: How do you think hosting the SITE Global Conference in Panama will help the awareness and growth of the incentive travel industry in South America?

Christian: I think it will help a lot, because the conference will showcase all the dimensions of SITE to incentive travel professionals in South America. Featuring the conference in news media, social networks and other channels is vital for SITE’s growth in the region. It is also very important to educate local government agencies on the financial benefits that the incentive travel industry can bring to the region and start a dialogue about our needs to better build the business.


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