Joining SITE brought me an immediate, reputation-enhancing return-on-investment!

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Meet Alisa Walsh, CIS, President of EventWorks, and 2020 SITE Southern California President. Alisa has been a part of the hospitality and incentive industry for 14 years.

Alisa joined SITE SoCal in 2016, and remembers being somewhat “voluntold” by her peers to get involved. That said, before she knew it, she was enveloped in the arms of the robust Young Leaders team and maintains that it was the best decision she has ever made for her career! She began as a committee member so as to have the most exposure to meet potential clients, and from there she says her world opened wide, with an immediate ROI.

Reputation is a big reason for choosing to get involved in SITE. The global recognition that accompanies membership in this organization is tremendous. My name and company are affiliated with an industry-leading association, and I look at this as free marketing! To be named president of the largest chapter is an incredible honor and has given me the opportunity to speak in front of high ranking leaders, only increasing my personal stature”.

Alisa works for EventWorks, a SITE Crystal Award winning event design agency, which specializes in producing incentive programs around the globe. She believes that travel is by far the best kind of reward, gifting attendees with so much more than fleeting pleasure, instead offering valuable, meaningful life-long memories. 

She has been involved in some pretty incredible incentive programs – from Vancouver and Cancun to custom polo matches in Santa Barbara. Just this past January, her team produced a 10,000 person incentive in Dubai. Spread out throughout the month, in three separate waves (one of which encountered the ‘worst storm in history’), guests were awed with a spectacular closing event under the Burj Khalifa with the world’s first pyro drone show!

For anyone currently debating whether to become a SITE Member, she says;

“I know it is so tough to choose to join an association in this climate we are in where every penny counts. In my experience, joining SITE was the best return on investment both personally and professionally. I have been able to keep in touch with and meet hundreds of connections who have not only turned into business relationships, but friendships as well. The encouragement and education I receive from joining SITE has lifted me to higher industry ranks, and I can certainly attribute my recent successes to my involvement with the SoCal and global community”.

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