Have you got what it takes to serve on SITE’s International Board of Directors (IBOD)?

Have you got what it takes to serve on SITE’s International Board of Directors (IBOD)?


The apex of volunteerism, surely, is to play a leadership role in the organisation with which you volunteer. It brings the notion of “giving back” to a whole new level and it’s the invitation, and, perhaps, the challenge, that Philip Eidsvold, CIS, CITP lays before you now as he launches the call for nominations for election to SITE’s IBOD.

No stranger to volunteer leadership, Philip spent two terms on SITE’s IBOD, eventually serving as President of SITE in 2019. He is now at the end of a distinguished period of service with SITE and, as immediate past president, has one final, vitally important role to fill: to chair the newly inaugurated Board Development Committee (BDC).

One of the brand new initiatives introduced as a result of the bylaw changes, the BDC is comprised of SITE’s Immediate Past President, 2 additional Past Presidents of SITE (but NOT from the same country or region) and 2 Chapter Leaders (but NOT from the same region).

Working with the International Board of Directors of SITE, the BDC determines the qualification criteria that all IBOD candidates must meet and exceed. While the majority of these criteria are fixed and do not change from year to year, 30% are tailored to the specific needs of the IBOD at the time of the election.

“This was one of the bylaws changes we made this year”, Philip explains, “It allows us to identify needs as they arise and then to seek out candidates that bring that specific expertise to the table. It makes for an even more effective Board. We want candidates aligned with our strategic priorities – organisational resourcing, digital transformation & implementation and revenue generation – but this year, given the pandemic and all its challenges, we especially need candidates that can help SITE with revenue generation and sponsorship.”

“Also new this year, and part of the recently adopted bylaw changes, is the addition of a seat dedicated to SITE’s Young Leaders. This new seat, set for a two year term, will ensure the voice of the next generation of SITE leaders is heard and acted upon, lending to a strong and prosperous future for our association”, Philip added.

So have you got what it takes to serve on SITE’s International Board of Directors? Do you want to take your volunteer journey to the next stage and serve as a global leader for SITE? Are you an ambitious young professional ready to shape the future of our association?

This year we have IBOD vacancies for North America (2), Middle East/Africa (1), China (1) and a Young Leader (1). The regional vacancies are for 3-year terms while the Young Leaders' vacancy is for 2-years.

For full details, please consult SITE's Bylaws, particularly sections 5 and 7.

It could be you!

To download the 2021 International Board of Directors (IBOD) Application in WORD format please click here, and to download it in PDF format please click here.

Submission deadline of Friday, 18 September 2020.

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