SITE Foundation Launches Study on Economic Impact of Incentive Travel Programs in Four European Countries


SITE Foundation, in partnership with Celuch Consulting, has launched a study on the economic impact of incentive travel programs and live business events in four key destinations in Europe: Italy, Ireland, Great Britain and Germany. Using the UWNTO model, the purpose of the study is to measure the direct and indirect economic impact generated by corporate incentive-related events taking place in each of the destinations.

"For many years we have felt the need to demonstrate the economic value of the Incentive and Event industry in Europe,” commented Annamaria Ruffini, CIS, CMP, SITE President 2018. "During my presence on the board, I have carried out this request to obtain the funds and support of the SITE Foundation. The study will be available in 2018 to all stakeholders, from supply chain to institutions.”

Objectives of the Study:

1. Define Incentive Travel:

  • Incentive travel is a self-funding marketing activity that employs unique travel experiences to reward people who achieve exceptional business performance.
  • Include conferences and meetings where there is a “motivational” or reward objective

2.  List the criteria for selecting a destination for Incentive Travel: Access, Infrastructure, Value, Appeal, Safety, MICE Infrastructure, Subvention/Financial Support.

3. Measure the direct and indirect economic impact generated by corporate, incentive-related events taking place in each target country.

  • Capture direct and indirect impact of "live business events" including Incentive trips, team-building and training meetings, product launches (and other “con-centives”.)
  • What we are NOT measuring: Congresses; Not for profit sector

4. Provide the following data points (but not limited to):

  • Industry sector – ICT, Automotive, Financial & Insurance
  • Direct or indirect contracting in the destination, i.e. did end-user client use an agency in their country of origin or contract directly in the host destination with a DMC
  • Air – National Carrier of the host destination or National Carrier(s) of the source market?
  • Number of delegates per program
  • Delegate spend per day
  • Length of stay
  • Type of hotel - 4 star, 5 star, city property, resort property
  • Hotel spend (Rooms, F&B)
  • Non-hotel spend
  • Other indirect spend

5. Qualitative measures:

  • What are the qualifying element(s) in each program?
  • Is the company measuring outputs (ROI/ROO)?
  • Define total number of businesses who do business events
  • Provide reward/incentive benchmark for participants

Target audience:

  • SITE members in the following chapters:
    • UK
    • Italy
    • Germany
    • Ireland
  • Destination Marketing Organizations / National Tourist Offices / Convention & Visitor Bureaux Destination Management Companies (DMC),
  • Hotels
  • 3rd party agencies serving the countries listed above


Each destination will also be profiled as a source market with estimates of the value of outbound incentive travel from that destination – high level presentations for each destination as a source market will suffice.



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