Chapters are the Lifeblood of SITE

Week by week, SITE’s Chapter Network is offering truly engaging activities in line with SITE’s event strategy to connect, learn & discover. All over the world, SITE members and friends are building new relationships, learning new skills and discovering new ways to do old things. Because these events are virtual and often recorded, you can transcend time and space too, connecting with incentive travel professionals from way beyond your own physical and temporal location. 

SITE Canada connects with members bi-weekly with virtual Cocktails & Conversations and has invited speaking powerhouses Peter Katz, Ron Tite, Lisa Belanger, and Jason Thomson to provide inspiration and share their expertise on leadership, resiliency, and virtual communications.

SITE Chicago, SITE Florida & Caribbean, SITE Mountain West and SITE Southeast have banded together to amp up the sharing and learning with motivational speaker/magician Jon Dorenbos and branding expert Crystal Washington.

SITE Italy has been collaborating with other Business Events associations to draw much needed attention to the sector from policy makers. Chapter President, Daniela Oddo, released a powerful communication to SITE members in Italy, outlining the importance of working together to make visible an industry that contributes 13% to the country’s GDP. This is a perfect example of SITE as "advocate", making the business case for incentive travel. See Daniela’s communication here.

SITE Mexico has been connecting with members twice each week, with guest panellists, education, and discussions. This week’s event featured a global panel of chapter leaders from Central America, South America, Canada, South Africa, Florida, and Minnesota. Other diverse topics include storytelling, innovation, resiliency, and perspectives of students and young leaders

Many of us joined SITE Thailand’s inaugural webinar last week featuring our President, Jenn Glynn. You can find on their webinar series below:

29 May 2020

We Are All in This Together

The empathy communication skill to get closer to your clients

12 Jun 2020

Germaphobes’ rules

Reorienting your business to gain trust from health-concerning clients

26 Jun 2020

Catch the Attention

How Instagram and Tiktok can change the way we tell the brand’s stories

10 Jul 2020

Stronger Together

Strengthen your business alliance to stand out after the crisis


Check SITE’s events page for updates or visit your local chapter's website.

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