Advice from Jonathan Howe & Lisa Stegnik on COVID-19


Jonathan Howe, Founding Partner and President of Chicago based law firm, Howe & Hutton, Ltd has been serving the events industry for decades through Gulf War, 911, SARS and a plethora of other crises that have led to contracts being poured over and legal solace demanded.

“Pandemic, force majeure, cancellation, postponement are the scary words of today as COVID-19 or Coronavirus now occupies our thoughts and minds. And Covid-19 is really like no other crisis as it’s a global pandemic, impacting everyone, everywhere with each day bringing dramatic changes to the playing field. This is not a do-it-yourself or a one-size-fits-all scenario. Before you act, consult with your legal advisor so as to best understand what your legal redress or obligations might be”, stated Howe.

Meanwhile, Lisa Stegnik, SITE’s attorney, has prepared this handy one-pager click here for members of SITE. This is general information only and should NOT be considered as legal advice. Like Jonathan, Lisa stresses the need for dialogue and discussion in any contract dispute, highlighting the need for a creative, business-focused solution.

“The pandemic is hard on everyone, and uncertainty is everywhere”, she says. “Event planners and event venues have built long-term relationships for mutual success. This industry is filled with creative and savvy business-people who, putting their best minds together, can come up with solutions to meet both parties’ needs.” 

Please consult SITE’s Flipboard for further content on contracts, cancellations and postponements.

Lisa Stegink may be found at; Jonathan Howe is on

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