A Trillion Trees to Fight Climate Crisis Launches in Monaco

A Trillion Trees to Fight Climate Crisis Launches in Monaco

How the MICE Industry Can Help

170612-gmp06-013-17-monaco-logo-rec-rgb.jpgAs a way of mitigating the environmental impact of events and supporting social and environmental sustainability programs, SITE and the Events Industry Council support the kick-off of the Trillion Tree Campaign called PlantAhead organized by Plant-for-the-Planet on 9 March 2018 at the Grimaldi Forum, Monaco.

The PlantAhead conference attracts over 300 representatives of commercial enterprises, international and national politicians, government representatives, as well as celebrities and sponsor Prince Albert II of Monaco. Since 2011, children and adolescents of Plant-for-the-Planet have been responsible for the Billion Tree Campaign of the United Nations Environment Programme. Within the scope of this program, 15 billion trees have been planted in over 193 countries. In December 2017, the bar was raised to 1.000 billion trees, starting the Trillion Tree Campaign. Several corporations and an Asian government have announced pledges to plant another two billion trees.

If integrated strategically with your event sustainability initiatives, supporting this campaign will raise awareness, provide education, respond to the issue of the climate crisis and give back to the planet. It enhances the experience of an event programme by engaging attendees and inspiring change.

PlantAhead will be live streamed on 9 March 2018, from 1 p.m. UTC to 8 p.m. UTC. Please join us and pledge how many trees you or your organisation will plant during your lifetime.


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